Babygirl (16+)

"Babygirl?" I looked up at Harry through my eyelashes, "Come here" I made my way over to him and sat down on his lap, where he made me. "You've bin a good girl" He wrapped his arms around me, "T-thank you s-sir" I stuttered as Harry's lips made contact with my neck, "Tell daddy who makes you feel sooo good?" he said, "You sir only you." I said, "Good girl" Harry's hand caressed my cheek, "Tell daddy what daddy loves" Harry whispers, I hated when he called himself 'daddy' it turned me on, I gulped "Me" harry cocked an eyebrow at me, "And?" I gulped before saying this. "And your car" "And the last one?" Harry asked, I swallowed the big lump in my throat, "And sex"


3. chapter 3



I walked into the dining room, "Hey" I gretted all the girls with a small smile I got a few replies back, I sat down next to Ellie. She was really nice one of the friends I made here, she was lovely really.

"Where's Starr?" I asked, she was also a friend I made last night at dinner.

"Oh I think with master" plates where placed in front of us with food on it, pancakes, bacon and eggs.

Starr walked into the room after a while with a small smile, "Megan Harry wants you to go into the bathroom"

"What?" I asked, looking at Ellie,''Why?" 


"Just go it's gonna be your first shower with the sir" I pressed my lips together and made my way over to the bathroom, I got a little tour from Ellie but it would help if Harry gave me one .   
I walked into the bathroom and saw Harry half naked, I couldn't help but stare I  had to admit he was really sexy.

"Undress, babe" Harry muttered and I could tell he was undressing me with his eyes, I started to get out of Harry's sweat and shirt and then out of my underwear and bra, I placed them on the counter and turned around and saw Harry fully naked, I couldn't help but stare at his beautiful body.

"Do you like what you see?" Harry said.

Harry and I stepped under the already running shower, and I shivered at the cold water, Harry pulled me close against him, I suddenly felt so much warmer.

"You know you will be my favorite right?" I rested my head on Harry's chest as the water got us soaking wet.

"You need to obey me" I was ready to do whatever Harry would say, this is the best I have bin treated all my life.

"I know, Harry and I will" I said, and made sure not to stutter.

"Perfect" I smiled as Harry untwisted his ring off his finger and placed it on a shelf and did the same for the other one's.

"I love having you so close to me. Body to body. Skin to skin" Harry pressed his body against mine again, I knew Harry loved cuddling and hugging I could tell and I loved how he kept me warm.

"Hmm me too" I hummed.

"You are so perfect" Harry looked down at me.

"Harry, stop staying that" I knew Harry always kept staying that and I hated it, I didn't need anyone's pitty but maybe he meant it really and not out of pitty.

"It's just I never-" Harry started but then stopped himself.

"What?" I asked.

"Nevermind" Harry zoned out and then came back."And I'm your owner I can say whatever I fucking want" I cringed at his word.

Harry hands ran around my body and his hands traveled down my back and pinched my bum, I let out a sqeul and looked at him he had a stupid smirk on his face, Harry let out a groan.

"Hmm" Harry cupped my breast, as I moaned softly.

"Good girl" Harry said softly and then grabbed some soap and muttered something along the lines 'soap yourself in' I nodded as I putted some soap into my hands and then stared rubbing it all over my body and then cleaned my private parts I watched as Harry looked at me quite hungerly.

"Don't look at me like that I am not a T.V" I said quite sassy, I suddenly took it back.

"I can look at you however I fucking want" Harry spat at me, I cringed at his words and went to stand under the shower and wash myself off. I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my body, and waited for Harry to soap himself in and clean off.

"Let's get out we still have breakfast to eat and if your luck you get to dry my hair"


A/N; Hope you guys liked it! I'm gonna try to update tomorrow and also I have nothing to say in here, have any of you got ios7? I have it but it's so confushing I get so lost, but i like how bright the colors are. :) haha so yeah, I hope haylor is not getting back together I heard a rumor or whatever. 

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