forever is about two young teenagers, Allie and Bo who can stand each other since they were in the 2nd grade. they just started their sophmore year at Greengroves High School. alie starts noticing bo getting closer to her, little does she know her love life and life is about to change in a matter of days.


2. Ummm Stallker alert??? (Her point of view)

on Monday at Greengrove high school Allie walked into science class.

They were 1 1/2 weeks into the new semester. This week in all classes you got paired with partner who you would be with in class for the rest of  the semester. 

(Remember how i talked  about Allie and Bo, well just so happens Bo is in all of her classes.)

Allie took a seat next to her friend Quinn, a skinny cheerleader that was a guy Magnet!  As the teacher took roll she noticed in the back corner Bo was staring at her. She noticed this in each of her classes. She was pretty wierded out but she ignored it and drove home in her Black jeep.

the next day in science she drew her year partner, she got Harold, a nerdy kid (Whoohoo), and right behind her sat Bo and Darrel. During this class she felt eyes just starring at her and she at that moment knew it was Bo. 

after class she politly yelled at bo in at the lockers to stop checking her out perve. she left with her dignity . but she couldnt help but feel bad i mean she was more popular than him. 


it was then "that" feeling began to grow inside her






Thanks for the encouragement comment and like this movella keep giving suggestions love my fans :) 


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