Marcel was the new kid at Alex's school. On his first day the majority of the school began to pick on him for his apparent love for sweater-vests. Not Her though. She quickly befriended him, lost her friends" and started the terrifying process of falling deeply in love. But what happens when she discovers Marcel may not be who he appears to be?


5. Paul

           “Why are we forced to learn about the same things year after year?” I asked Marcel, losing my patience towards the torture method referred to as home work. “So they can collect our tears and attempt to restore their souls.” He replied cracking a smile.

             We had been at my house doing our home work for about an hour now. “Dinner!” My mother called out. “Finally!” I jumped up racing to the dinner table. The delicious smell of spaghetti reached my nose. Marcel and I sat down, joining my family at the table. My mother gave me an I-approve look as Marcel pulled out my chair for me. I rolled my eyes in response. Marcel and I were barely even friends, let alone a couple. Besides, I thought to myself, I don’t even like him in that way. Right? I shook my head as if I could shake out my thoughts.

            “So Marcel,” my mother began. “What brought you to our little town?” I knew she had begun the dreaded questioning. “My mother and I thought having a change of scenery would be soothing for me.” Marcel replied. “I would love to meet your mother.” My mother grinned. She won’t admit it, but she hates the women in this town for the same reason I despise my classmates. Marcel looked down. “My mum couldn't move here with me.” “Oh,” My mom paused, “Well I would love to meet your father.” Marcel fidgeted in his seat. “He couldn't come either.” My father, being someone with no patience blurted out the question we were all thinking. “Well, who are you here with?” “Paul Higgins,” Marcel smiled, “He’s a family friend, more like an uncle actually.” “Tell me about him.” Mom rested her chin on her hands. “He usually works as a bodyguard, but right now he’s taking a hiatus with me.” Marcel beamed. 


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