Marcel was the new kid at Alex's school. On his first day the majority of the school began to pick on him for his apparent love for sweater-vests. Not Her though. She quickly befriended him, lost her friends" and started the terrifying process of falling deeply in love. But what happens when she discovers Marcel may not be who he appears to be?


4. Making Plans

      As I was walking out of school, I noticed Marcel pacing in the parking lot. “You okay?” I asked, approaching him. “Yea.” He replied sounding gloomy. “Hey,” I began. “What are you doing tonight?” “Most likely, I will be just doing my homework.” He replied staring at the ground. “Well my mom is cooking pasta for dinner and she usually makes too much. Want to come over for dinner and then we can do our homework together?” I asked. “Really?” Hope filled his eyes. “Of course, my house is about a five minute walk from here.” As we set off to my house, I smiled to myself glad I may finally have a friend the dungeon they call high school.   



Sorry I haven't uploaded in ages... I suck.... :(

I'm also sorry it's short... I double suck....

That's what she said.... ;)

Comment what you think Alex and Harry's ship name should be!!

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