Marcel was the new kid at Alex's school. On his first day the majority of the school began to pick on him for his apparent love for sweater-vests. Not Her though. She quickly befriended him, lost her friends" and started the terrifying process of falling deeply in love. But what happens when she discovers Marcel may not be who he appears to be?


6. Confliction

After dinner, Marcel and I sat in my backyard on the porch swing. "I like your family." He tells me as we slowly swing back and forth. "They're great." I respond smiling and nodding my head. The next hour is spent doing homework. I looked over at Marcel and noticed he was doing his homework without his glasses. "Um, Marcel?" I furrowed my eyebrows. "Why aren't you wearing your glasses?" He jumped. I-I'm near sighted." He stuttered. "Okay." I replied shrugging my shoulders. We worked on our work so peacefully that before I realized it, I was falling asleep an Marcel's shoulder. _______________________________________________________ Marcel/Harry's POV: As Alex fell asleep on my shoulder, I sighed in frustration. I hated lying to this girl. We had only met earlier today, but I feel like I have known her forever. I wish I could tell her who I really am, but I am scared she will treat me differently. I almost told her the truth when I accidentally forgot to wear my glasses. She let out a soft snore on my shoulder and I softly chuckled hoping I wouldn't wake her up. My eyes slowly began getting heavier and before I knew it, I was passed out, my head resting on hers.
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