Marcel was the new kid at Alex's school. On his first day the majority of the school began to pick on him for his apparent love for sweater-vests. Not Her though. She quickly befriended him, lost her friends" and started the terrifying process of falling deeply in love. But what happens when she discovers Marcel may not be who he appears to be?


1. Prologue: The Idea

Harry's POV:


I was done. I had a date last night with yet ANOTHER fame seeker. I was beginning to feel no one would ever want me, Harry, not Harry Styles of One Direction. I wish there was someway to find a person and have zero doubt she loved me for me. "Harreh!!!!" My band-mate and best mate Louis shouted, waking me out of my thoughts. "What Lou?" I asked, wondering why he was yelling my name. "Would you love me if I were," he paused to strike a dramatic pose, "Hannah Montana!!!" He said pretending to be out of breath. "Louis you're a genius!!!!" I suddenly exclaimed. "Well no shit Sherlock!" He said matter-of-factly. "Why are you bringing up my amazing mental state right now, though?" He asked. I stood up from the couch I was sulking on. "Lou, I have an idea!"

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