guns dont kill people

if there's one thing that kill people its haters. I'm an 18 year old girl named jax, and from a small town. my cousin is niall horan from one direction. Ive been trying to hide from someone for about a month but then they found me am i safe or do i need to run.


2. Look out

                                                                      *Harry's pov*

as the girls ran in i couldn't wait to see my cousin, its been forever since I've seen her.


                                                          --------------skip meeting the girls------------------

as my cousin walked up to us i ran up and hugged her.

"how have you been?" i asked as i let go of her.

"um fine." sahe said looking at her feet.

"Don't lie to me tell me what's wrong." I said lifting her head to look at me

"Well, Ethan's in the hospital because of Reilly." she said coming back in for a hug.

We talked about other stuff trying to get her mind off of her brother for a little.


        "Well I have to finish with the Meet And Greets so how 'bout you guys go to the dressing room area and wait for us." I said telling Paul to take them back there.

They walked to the back and sat there until we were done and ready to go home.


The boys and I walked to the back to grab out stuff. I saw jax asleep on my jacket.

I walked over to her and picked her up and carried her to the car.

When we got back to the flat I took her into my bedroom and layed her down and left.

When I got downstairs a full on popcorn war was happening. After the popcorn was one and everyone was settled, Jax came down. She plopped in between me and Liam.

"How are you feeling? I asked rubbing arm.

"Fine thanks." she said rubbing her eyes looking down.

We turned on the T.V and watched for the rest of the day, well until...



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Sorry if it its not good and that its short I just have a lot of stuff. Comment for more love u all








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