It could be us

Brendon loves her. She didn't realize until Liam appeared.
It's a blood bath to win the fight of love.
Brendon loved her first, to Liam time shouldn't matter.


1. Chapter 1

Its hard being that guy who makes it obvious you have feeling for someone, and the someone doesn't know. She just can't notice it. That's what hurts the most. Hearing her call me her 'bestie' or I'm similar to a big big brother hurts. I so desperately want to be more. I wanna be the guy who calls her repetitively just to tell heriI love her. I would. I'm Brendon socially awkward loser, musical mastermind, and deeply in love with Joli Chanmen. Have for a while now. 6 years. Some call it an obsession, I call it dedication. Dedication to never give up on what you love. And..... I love Joli. When I was 10 Joli did ask me out. Unfortunately I was delusional then. I truthfully thought she ment go outside and play. I hate 10 year old Brendon, with a passion. How stupid was I though to give up on that. She was and still is beautiful. The most beautiful soul on this earth. Sadly her feelings for me shifted to a band. Yes, One Direction. Well, Zayn Malik to be more specific. The guy is engaged, she doesn't have a chance. Hate to say it but sadly it's the truth. She'd have more of a chance with me. Living a normal life in a nice house with kids running around me playing daddy while she made lunch for us. I dream of. That is the one dream I want to come true. Hopefully it will. I want to spend an eternity with Joli. She's beautiful and perfect I love her. I love Joli Chanmen. ** Today is the day I get a new biology 2 teacher. Our former one Mr. Stainfill had a kid. So that means a whole school year off. Most teachers would only take a semester off. : I took a seat in my desk which was next to Joli's. Perks of being a genius. She looked amazing as always. Only change I would make about her is make up. She needs none. I really don't like it. I want her naturally. Not caked up. Most guys would find that hideous. I do prefer a little make up on every other female. Juli needs none though. Beautiful is what she is. Don't get me wrong I still live her just as much. More then the previous second to be for certain. "Hey" I say while taking my books out. "Oh hey Brendon. How are you?" She turned my way and her brown eyes met mine. Causing my heart to beat a steadier beat. "So far, great, how about You!" "Tired, I want this day to get done. I need some more sleep." She groans. I feel bad, my lovely is tired. She could fall a sleep on my lap, if she wanted. I would enjoy it. "I'm sorry, you still look fantastic though!" I say trying to bring up her spirit. She put her arm on my shoulder and says Thank you to me. When her fingers placed on me I felt like a spark. Not a physical feeling, mental one. In my head, heart I knew she is the one for me. Maybe she feels is to. A man can hope right. We all turned our attention to the door. We heard slight talking out of it. Hopefully it was our teacher.
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