Loving Melody

Christopher Montgomery, a rich, hard-working teacher, has no time at all for his personal life after his last break up.

In an unexpected way, he meets Melody. A beautiful woman, with an angelic smile, who owns a bakery/cafe shop, who was also deaf.

Getting to know her, his cold attitude warms up, while his once unfazed heart starts feeling again as he finds himself loving Melody, despite their differences.

But their differences remain, as their relathionship goes through a lot of stages. Romance, anger, complete bliss, and finally-Drama.


6. *Loving Melody(4)*

Christopher's P.O.V:


She went along, telling the girls we're taking them to the Café shop. I watched her as she crouched down to their level, poking their noses. I couldn't hear a thing, but seeing the girls giggle as she teased was the most adorable scene I've ever laid eyes on. 

After we were all seated in the car, making sure all seatbelts were on, I brought the ignition to life, heading straight to the café.


From the corner of my eye, I could see she was looking out the window, her eyes sparkling. However, I tried my best to focus on the road, avoiding getting in an accident.


We wouldn't want that, would we? 


All the way there, the girls were laughing and playing while we didn't utter a single word. It was weird, to say the least. 

Once I parked the car, Melody mumbled a 'thank you' and got out of the car. The girls scurried along, following her footsteps to the café. 


It was called, 'Heavenly Taste'. Huh, nice touch. 

I followed ahead, and looked around as I entered the café. It was elegant, classy, but a bit too romantic if you ask me. It's obvious a woman owns it. I mean, not that it's a bad thing, just..oh forget it. I've got nothing.


"Uncle Chris, we're in the kitchen!" I heard Melanie call from afar. I walked to the only way that led to another room and walked into what looked like the café's kitchen. 


"Are you gonna help us, daddy?", Nicile asked, her eyes sparkling from excitement. She got used to calling me Daddy, since her own screw up of a father couldn't be man enough to take care of her and my sister. Douche bag. 


I hesitated, looking for Melody's reaction. Seeing as she didn't mind, "sure," I said, watching her steal a glance my way, "why not." 


A few awkward minutes later, we were done. Of course, Melody gave all the instructions, we just complied.


"Here Lanie, Nicole, come taste the cookie dough." She said, gesturing to both girls. They squealed in excitement as she put some of the cookie dough on a spoon, giving both of them a taste.

"It's delicious!", Melanie and Nicole exclaimed together, "I want more!" 

"No, we have to bake them first, sillies," she replied, putting the dough in those cookie shapes thing.

After she finished she looked at both girls, smiling to herself. 

"Daddy, don't you want to taste?" 

Before I could utter a word, Melody approached me with a spoon containing cookie dough.

"Here, tell me what you think." She had a faint sweet smile on her face as she awaited my response. 


She brought the spoon closer to my mouth as I opened it, giving me a taste of the cookie dough. And let me tell you, I wasn't disappointed. Not one bit, and that was just the dough!


"I agree, It's really good. Melody." I told her with a nod. She smiled at me, "thank you."


By now, the girls were out of the kitchen, playing at one of the tables. "Who taught you these stuff?"


"My mom taught me the basics. Then it was all up to me." She said as she adjusted the heat of the baking oven. 


When she looked at me, there was an unreadable expression on her face, regarding her mother, I presume. And it bothered me, seeing her flustered. 


She looked at me, trying to read my expression. "Well, you got the hang of it," I told her, trying to light up the mood. 


She chuckled, shaking her head. "I'll never be as good as she was." Closing her eyes, she added, "no one is like her, like them." 


Not knowing what to do, I stood there, thinking of a way to comfort her. From her words, I take it that her father is gone too. At least I still have my mother. 


"Hey," I lifted her chin up so she could face me. "They wouldn't want you to be down all the time. They would want you to live your life, happy with your sister." I don't know what in the world possesed me to do that, but I did.


"I know." She nodded, wiping her tears. "Thank you, but still I can't help it sometimes." 


"It's understandable. I'm sorry for your loss," I said. I don't know why, but she didn't deserve to be unhappy. And that's me telling you only after knowing her for two days. Well, a few hours. It doesn't suit her angel appearance.


She nodded, looking grateful. 
"So, how about those cookies?" I asked, changing the subject. She looked relieved as she took a deep breath. 


"Yeah, let's see how my babies are." She walked over to the oven, checking if they were done. "Just a few more minutes," she came back with a weak smile on her face. 


As if on cue, the sweet aroma filled the air, making my stomach protest. "Great, I'm starving."




"Who wants cocoa?" Melody asked, holding two mugs filled with cocoa as she headed to the table the girls were sitting at. 


"Me, me!" They girls jumped up and down, each giving her a kiss as a thank you.


"You like it black?" I didn't even realize when she went back to the kitchen. As I looked up, she already had two other mugs, holding one out for me to grab. 


"Yeah," I nodded and took the mug of coffee, taking a sip. "Thank you." 


"You're welcome," she smiled, "I'm just gonna go get the cookies out of the oven." 


I watched her petite figure as she smoothly walked to the kitchen, then came back about two minutes later. She put a plate of cookies in front of the girls, then sat opposit me with another one. 


I stared at her, as both her hands wrapped around the warm mug, looking at the girls in awe.


"You know, I'd like to have one careless day like these two," she began, biting ber bottom lip. "They don't realize how lucky they are right now." She looked down at her coffee, then stared up at me. 


"We all grow up, their time will eventually come, and they'll have responsibilities, just like everyone else."


"True," she nodded, "I still wish I could be that innocent, oblivious of the outside world." 


I couldn't help but feel that she has something on her mind, that made her talk like that. She seemed so desperate that I wanted to hold her tight for comfort, as weird as that sounds. I barely even know her!



"We all think that once in a while, but surely you know it gives you experience, the outside world I mean. " I paused, "you'll get involved in many situations, and I'm sure you've encountered some, that'll appear hard to handle. But time after time, you'll get used to it, it'll become a daily routine. And survivng is how you live from now on, surviving the cruelty of the world, the people." 


"But is it right for children to suffer in exchange?" She surprised me by opening up, looking deep in thought. "I mean, sure. It'll all written for us, yada yada yada. Then what? Innocence will be shattered, hearts will get broken, just because the world is that way. It's not fair." Her lips formed a straight line as she stopped talking, from the look in her eyes obviously surprised she talked this much to a stranger. 


"Depends on what you have in mind." I replied, raising an eyebrow.


Her eyes widened slightly, before she took another sip of her coffee. "I..I'm talking in general." 


"Okay, you don't know me enough to trust me. I get it." 


"There's nothing to trust you about." She looked irritated, despertely not wanting to talk about the subject.


"If you say so, sweetcheeks." I shrugged, making her roll her eyes at me. 


"Where did that come from?" She asked, raising an eyebrow herself. 


I shrugged,"it suits you." 

"Riiiight." She said, dragging the "I" in suspicion. 

"How about you try a cookie?" She asked, bluffing off any comment I had. 


I did as I was told, picking up one warm muffin from the plate. And well, I vote in favor of the name, suits the café well! It was delicious. 


I may have or haven't helped myself with one or two more. Well...three tops. 


Okay, so I'm not a creep or anything, I was just pulled out of my thoughts after she talked. I was just looking at her, innocently, I might add. The way her eyes shone against the sunlight, while she was looking at the girls with a smile on her face, just made me.. I don't know how to say it without sounding girly, so let's just forget about it.


"How old is she, Nicole?" She asked, turning to look at me. 


"She'll be seven in May." I responded, still aware of her thinking mode. 


"She's adorable. Her mother must have been young when she had her. Right?" She questioned, pursing her lips. 


"I guess. She was mid-twenties I think." I said, watching as her eyebrows furrowed in confusion.


"That'll make her around thirty-two. You don't look older than twenty-eight or so." She stated, looking cute when confused. 


"That's because I'm not. I'm twenty-six actually. But what does that have to do with anything?" I questioned, raising an eyebrow at where she's going. 


"How did u cope with having a baby, being 20?" She asked, making me choke on coffee. 


Obviously, we were going the wrong way.



Okay, so I find it boring myself! But I know the next one will be much better. Bare with me guys, although I think you aren't here at all.

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