I'll tell you a story

It started last Spring,but I didn't wanted it to finish
I was finally in love and nothing was going to ruin
it. That's what I thought that 4th of Semptember
but I didn't knew some things were going to change.


4. Miray

I was lying in my bed as I heard my ringtone for messages. I took my phone trying my best not to shout. But there were 2 messages. One was from Hazza<3. It said: Wanna you join us for an ice cream in the afternoon? And the other was from... MIRAY<3!!! OMG! I hadn't seen her since secondary school!!! It said: I'm in London. Wanna you go shopping this afternoon?

Oh! What should I do? I didn't think about it when I was writing Harry telling him if should I bring a friend. I told him that maybe she can be with Louis, I mean... She has brown hair and blue eyes and I did know Miray and Louis both to much for not to think they were going to fall in love. At first sight! We arranged the time. He told me at 3:00 pm then I said it was OK and arranged with Miray. She said it was fine.

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