I'll tell you a story

It started last Spring,but I didn't wanted it to finish
I was finally in love and nothing was going to ruin
it. That's what I thought that 4th of Semptember
but I didn't knew some things were going to change.


10. Dead Glares




I watched Niall dragging Sophie to a room."Ooouuuuh"Me and Lou started directly."Oh shut up its just truth or dare"Roxie protested.But she knew we were right."C'mon Rox Relax"I said.She just gave me death glare and I shut up.We waited for Sophie and Niall to come.They didn't."Where are they?"Lou asked looking at me.I shrugged.After a while Sophie and Niall came back with big smiles plastered on their faces."Oooouuuuuuuhhhhh"Me and Lou started again making Sohie red.It ended up Niall,Harry and Roxie giving us dead glares.


Hey guys I am the new Co-author for this story.I hope you like the chapter I wrote.Love ya all.

Bye xox.

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