So Over It [completed, undergoing editing]

Christina: I can’t wait to come back to my hometown, Austin, Texas, to see my boyfriend, Matt.

Matt: I feel so guilty. She doesn’t know that I have a new girlfriend now… and I didn’t even tell her.

Christina: I’m heartbroken. I can’t believe he would do this to me. He cheated on me!

Matt: I miss her, more than anything.

Christina: I’m slowly healing. Maybe things will get better.

Matt: I’m just so confused.

Christina: I’m tired of wallowing around in misery and tears. I’m going to get revenge on this sleazy cheater, if it’s the last thing I do. I’ve got a hot guitar player, an amazing voice, a school dance to perform at, and the best girl-power-breakup song I’ve ever heard. Time to show him girls can be tough, too.




24. Matt's POV

It was two hours before the dance, and at the last minute, Tally called me and asked if I wanted to have some dinner before the dance. She said she knew of a great place near the school, where everyone went to, called Jenna's. It was kind of like a huge, all-purpose retro place, with a restaurant, an arcade, a mini-roller skating rink, and even a pool. I'd heard everyone talk about it, but I'd never gone, since I was just on the border of "cool," not really considered enough to be invited, kind of invisible...but not a complete loser that they purposely excluded me. The main people that went there were the popular jocks and the scene kids, and the crowds never mixed. Tally was an outsider, closer to the scene kids. 

So I packed my tux in my bag, knowing I'd change later. Tally drove by my house in her old pickup truck, alternative rock blaring from the speakers. Her dark, shaggy-cute hair was in a messy bun, and choppy side bangs covered her eyes. A nose ring glinted in her nose, sparkling in the sunlight. 

We posed for pictures in the front yard, Mom and Dad making a big fuss over us. Then, finally, we were free, and we hopped in Tally's blue pickup truck and zoomed off.

"This place is really cool. I like it a lot. I took my son there once--" she couldn't have been older that eighteen, it was weird for a girl so young to say "son"--"but he didn't like it. There were too many teenagers there, and some were from my high school, and they looked at us, rolled their eyes judgmentally, whispered, or looked at me pityingly. I hated it. But everyone's getting ready for the dance, so I doubt anyone will be here."

"Oh," I said. I didn't know what else to say.

The place was fairly populated, but not crowded. We climbed out of the car and walked inside. A cool-sounding dance-pop-techno song blasted from the speakers. It was dark, but colorful strobe lights flashed, letting our eyes see the way. People were talking, laughing, and having fun. On one side, there was a pool, and some blonde girls in matching pink bikinis were giggling together. On the other, there was a roller-skating rink. In the middle, there was an arcade, a restaurant, a dance floor with a DJ, and more. Tally giggled and grabbed my hand. "Come on!" she cried above the pounding music. We raced across the dance floor and into the arcade. She looked at a stuffed animal claw machine and then at me, a question in her eyes. We both laughed, and I reached into my pocket for a quarter.

I grabbed the joystick with both hands, and I felt someone hugging me from behind. She kissed my cheek, and I smiled and lifted the claw, going for a huge stuffed teddy bear. To my surprise-- it lifted the teddy bear over to the side of the machine, and let it drop into the slot.

"Oh my gosh! Matt!" Tally let go, kissed my cheek once more, and flung her arms around me. "Thank you!"

"No problem!" I laughed.

She grabbed the teddy bear and hugged it close. It was cute, with button eyes and a little nose, and a small, sweet smile. Its fur was fluffy as she kissed its' large tummy.

I noticed a photo booth in the corner. "Hey, look, over there! Bring Mr. Fluffles!"

"Mr. Fluffles?" Tally asked skeptically, humor in her bright green eyes. 

"Unless you want to name him something else."

"Mr. Mattymcfluffles." Tally giggled.

I smiled. "Sounds good."

We walked over to the photo booth, taking tons of cute pictures. "I'm keeping this. Forever." Tally said.

"Me, too," I said, and our eyes locked, a brief connection sparking. I was about to lean in to kiss her when she inched away awkwardly. I pulled back, stunned. Her cheeks were on fire, but she acted as if nothing had happened. She began talking superfast, "We should go get something to eat. I'm starved. Do you think they have hamburgers?"

"Um, yeah, probably," I said. We walked out of the photo booth, and she walked ahead of me and stood in line. I almost lost her in the darkness and bright, dizzying strobe lights, but I didn't.

As we stood in line, Tally acted cold. Well, not cold, just... distant. What was going on?

"Do you really like the teddy bear?" I asked.

"Huh? Oh yeah," Tally said, obviously distracted. "I love it."

"Tally, are you okay?" I asked.

Tally turned to face me, her green eyes flashing with fear for a moment, but then returning to normal. "Yes, of course I'm okay!" she laughed unnaturally. "Why wouldn't I be?"

We ate, and then Tally looked at her clock on her phone and said the dance started in thirty minutes. As we walked back to the car, I held her hand, but she just smiled at me rather sadly and let go, pretending to reply to a text message.

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