So Over It [completed, undergoing editing]

Christina: I can’t wait to come back to my hometown, Austin, Texas, to see my boyfriend, Matt.

Matt: I feel so guilty. She doesn’t know that I have a new girlfriend now… and I didn’t even tell her.

Christina: I’m heartbroken. I can’t believe he would do this to me. He cheated on me!

Matt: I miss her, more than anything.

Christina: I’m slowly healing. Maybe things will get better.

Matt: I’m just so confused.

Christina: I’m tired of wallowing around in misery and tears. I’m going to get revenge on this sleazy cheater, if it’s the last thing I do. I’ve got a hot guitar player, an amazing voice, a school dance to perform at, and the best girl-power-breakup song I’ve ever heard. Time to show him girls can be tough, too.




20. Matt's POV

I stared at the sleek cell phone in my hands, shocked. Had I done it? Had I really ended things with Kaitlyn?

My dad always said that I was "too wimpy for girls." That I was too immature and couldn't handle them, that I didn't know how to say no. Well, guess what, Dad? I thought. I just did. 

It was almost relieving. Sure, Kaitlyn was hot. She was blonde and sexy and wore heels and ridiculously short skirts that made her legs look a million feet long, and I often imagined her in a bikini, fantasizing. But to be honest, her personality behind all of those good looks were deceiving. Manipulative. Catty. Fake. She knew how to push all of my buttons to make me give in. Well, I wasn't going to have it anymore. Kaitlyn was fun-- a fling. But I didn't think of her that way--in any way at all, actually-- anymore. It was done. Over with. I felt the thousand pounds of pressure lift off my shoulders and float away into the sky. And I didn't feel guilty at all.

I was playing xBox when I saw her number light up on my phone as it buzzed. I picked it up, let it ring and stared at her picture before I answered it. Long, wavy blonde hair. Flawless, tan skin. That's when I knew I had to do it--I just knew it. Nervousness gripped me, but I shook it off. It was about time.

"Yo," I answered.

"Hey, Matty-poo," Kaitlyn giggled. "Is your tux for the dance ready?" 

"Um, actually, Kaitlyn...,"

"Oh, did something happen? My mom can fix it. She's really good at those types of--"

"Kaitlyn," I said. It sounded forceful. Serious. Almost demanding. Since when did I have the balls to talk to her like this.

"Yes? Is something wrong?"

"I'm not going to the dance with you." I said it, and I said it crystal clear. No stutters, no nervousness. All I felt was power rising up in me. I was going to be the one that ended this relationship, no questions asked.

"I-I don't understand... are you... I mean, you aren't...," she couldn't even manage to spit out the words, the possibility must have been so dreadful to her.

"I am. Kaitlyn, what we had was fun. But it caused drama with Christina, who was probably one of my best friends, but not anymore. And you were so possessive, and never wanted me to hang out with my friends. It was all about YOU."

Kaitlyn's voice on the other end was hard and strained, like she was angry but trying not to scream. "Fine," she said in a clipped voice. "If that's what you thought all along about me, if that's what YOU WANT, then it's fine with me." She hung up, not before I heard a muffled "A**HOLE!!!" in the background. 

Now, I was still staring at the phone, dumbfounded. I still couldn't process I had done this--it was like my brain was moving faster than my body. What did I do now? Christina was already taken, obviously. And as much as my heart ached whenever I saw her, wishing we were together again, I knew that it would never happen. I hurt her, broke her heart, and she'd never look at me in the same way again. The hurt in her big brown eyes killed me every time. And besides, she was going out with Nick, the cool local guitar player and singer. They were probably going to the dance together, and would be the center of attention.

And as much as I still loved Christina with all my heart... I knew that there was another option.

I had programmed Tally's number in my phone a couple days before. Now was my chance. She'd told me to text her anytime, but didn't people just say that to be friendly? And she'd been fooled around with--by dorky, jerky guys who never took her seriously. She probably didn't trust anyone now... even me.

I stared at her number and name in my contacts list until my eyes grew tired and blurry, focusing on the letters of her name. Nice, sharp T. Curvy Y. 

I took a deep breath, took my chances and hit CALL.

It ringed four beats, and by that time my hopes were slowly sinking down to my shoes. This idea was stupid. Why would she pick up? And more importantly, why would she agree to go to the dance--with me? 

It was all so stupid. I was about to hang up, expecting to hear her voicemail, when the ringing stopped and a girl's voice said, "Hello?"

"Hi," I said.

She sounded confused, with a hint of cautiousness. "Um, who is this?"

"Oh--sorry," I blushed, glad she couldn't see my utter embarrassment over the phone. "It's Matt. From the park?"

"Oh. Hey! I was wondering when you'd call or text me. What's up?"

"Nothing much. I was just wondering...," I stopped to take a breath, deciding whether to bail or continue. But again, my mouth ran far ahead than my brain, and the words popping out of my mouth surprised me. "Do you want to go to the Midsummer dance this weekend?"

"Um... I don't know," she confessed. My heart dropped. 

"Are you sure?"

"When is it?" she wanted to know. 

"Saturday, starting at 7:00. And it's at Austin High School."

"Yeah, I think I can. Hold on." My heart slowly lifted a few feet, but I didn't dare let it soar--yet.

I heard the sound of footsteps on the other line. And then Tally calling, "Dad?"

"What is it?" an impatient, almost cruel-sounding voice replied harshly.

"I'm going to the Midsummer Dance at Austin High on Saturday at 7:00."

"I don't care what you do, you worthless piece of trash. Just don't get pregnant again." The sound of cruel laughter pierced my eardrums, and even though it was muffled, I could still hear the nastiness and unbearable hate dripping from it.

I heard footsteps again, and then a closing door.

"Um... if it's not... possible...," I couldn't seem to get the words out.

"No, it is," she said curtly. "Sorry, my father's a d*ckhead. He says that a lot whenever I go out somewhere. Don't worry about it."

"So... you'll be there?"

"Totally," she replied, a bit too cheerful. I could hear the sadness deeply hidden behind her voice, masked flawlessly by years of practice. "So, um... I'll see you then? At the dance?"

"No problem. Yeah, I'll see you." I clicked END CALL and stared at the phone, once again dumbfounded. But this time, I was amazed. Things had actually gone right for once.



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