So Over It [completed, undergoing editing]

Christina: I can’t wait to come back to my hometown, Austin, Texas, to see my boyfriend, Matt.

Matt: I feel so guilty. She doesn’t know that I have a new girlfriend now… and I didn’t even tell her.

Christina: I’m heartbroken. I can’t believe he would do this to me. He cheated on me!

Matt: I miss her, more than anything.

Christina: I’m slowly healing. Maybe things will get better.

Matt: I’m just so confused.

Christina: I’m tired of wallowing around in misery and tears. I’m going to get revenge on this sleazy cheater, if it’s the last thing I do. I’ve got a hot guitar player, an amazing voice, a school dance to perform at, and the best girl-power-breakup song I’ve ever heard. Time to show him girls can be tough, too.




7. Christina's POV

"Oh my God. I can't believe they got back together!" Nicole scoffed, popping a gummy bear into her mouth and looking at the spread of teen magazines spread in front of us. She tossed her long hair over her shoulder and giggled. "Now he's gonna break her heart again."

"Let me see!" Ari grabbed the magazine from Nicole's hands and gasped. "OMG! Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up!"

I was trying to interact the best I could, but after all that happened today, I just didn't have the energy. I lay on my sleeping bag and stared listlessly at the ceiling. Everywhere I went, there was always, "So- and-so's back together! OMG, they broke up! Gasp, so-and-so cheated on so-and-so!" Everywhere I went, it was relationships, relationships, relationships, and I was sick and tired of it. I was drained.

"That means Justin's free," Ari squealed. "Yay!"

"He wouldn't date a fan," I scoffed from my sleeping bag.

"Yes he would. I read it in Seventeen."

"It's probably a rumor. You know that kind of stuff goes around. I wouldn't trust everything you read in Tiger Beat." I said listlessly.

"Whatever," Ari said, tying her super-seriously-red hair up in a bun. Ari dyed her hair that color out of rebellion, because as she put it, her parents were being "total uptight buttheads." Actually, I thought they were being just reasonable parents, but Ari's kind of stubborn, so "reasonable" isn't her thing. "Anyway, you're just bitter 'cuz you broke up with Matt."

Gabi and Nicole exchanged glances, and then looked at me to see how I was taking it.

"Correction," I said to Ari. I turned to face her with hard eyes. "He CHEATED on me. I had nothing to do with it whatsoever. What's worse, he cheated on me with Kaitlyn. That little pleather-mini-stiletto-wearing tart who made my life miserable all throughout my school years. And I think Matt seemed to like it. That does a little something for you self esteem, you know? 'Kay? 'Kay." I went back to reading my magazine.

"Oooh," Nicole said under her breath. We all looked at her. "What? I didn't say anything." She raised her arms and then went back ooohing and aaahing at her little girly magazine.

"Fiesty much?" Ari asked me, her face flaming up in attitude.

"Well, yeah!" I cried. "I was CHEATED on! I'm not exactly jumping for joy right now!"

"Okay, Chrissy. Calm down." Gabi said.

"I'm not going to calm down!" I said. "You all are supposed to support me like normal BFFs do! You know, say stuff like 'You're better than him' or 'We're here for you' and 'He was a jerk anyway.' But what do I get from you guys? Nothing! A little support is all I ask."

Not that I think Matt is a jerk, but it's just the kind of things best friends should say. I did it when Ari broke up with her boyfriend, Ethan-something-or-other. And now look at her, flipping through a magazine and humming the tune to "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen and eating chocolate like it's no big deal that I've just been used by my best guy friend and boyfriend!

We sit in silence for a moment. Then Nicole said, "How about we put on a movie? I've got 'The Vow' right here. I brought it for us."

"Um, maybe we shouldn't watch that," Gabi put in. "I mean, Christina is kind of in a relationship crisis right now."

"Good point," Nicole said.

"Oh, just put in 'The Vow', for goodness sake. A little romance isn't going to kill her." Ari argued.

"But we can't just--"

"Guys, it's okay," I said, annoyed. "Just put on 'The Vow.'"

"You sure?" Gabi asked.

"Positive," I muttered. God. Everyone here was trying to control me. 

"Okay." Gabi put the DVD in the DVD player, and the previews started, and then the movie. I wasn't paying attention, though. I just stared through the screen, trying not to cry, playing back what happened this afternoon. I couldn't believe what Matt had done to me. I just couldn't get it out of my head.

I guess I made a noise, or something, because everyone turned towards me. Tears streamed down my face. I felt terrible. And like a baby.

"Oh good Lord. Here come the waterworks. Turn the movie off." Ari groaned.

Gabi came over to sit by me, and rubbed my back. So did Nicole. I didn't feel any better, even without their comfort. Right now, I just wanted to be alone.

"Actually," I said, sniffling. "I'm going to go back home. Well, to my mom's house, anyway. She's got some special tofu-spinach logs made just for me."

Ari, Nicole, and Gabi exchanged looks.

"Tofu-spinach logs?" Ari asked skeptically.

"Oh, I don't know." I rolled up my sleeping back and gathered my stuff. "I'll see you guys later, I guess."

"Don't go!" Gabi and Nicole said.

"I think my mom wanted me home anyway," I said curtly. "So... yeah. Bye." I closed the door behind me, and ran for home. It wasn't until I flopped onto my new cute bedspread that I let the tears flow.


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