Trying To Escape | 1D Fan Fiction

This book is about a girl named Malerie Wagner. She lives in Doncaster, England in the same town as thee Louis Tomlinson. They're the best of friends, but he decided that he wanted to try out for the X-Factor and he did not expect to be in the worlds biggest boy band. But you know, the craziest things happen to the most awesome people.

Well, continuing with story. One day when she is walking down the street and something unexplained happens to her. She gets kidnapped... by One Direction. You may be thinking why her her best friend, Louis, would help kidnap her? That question remains a mystery.

Read on to find out more!


7. Chapter 7

2 months later

I was sitting in me bedroom reading a book when my phone went off. I sat up and grabbed it and saw I had a text from Niall.

Nialler :D. :

Hey babe, want to come the beach with the guys, camryn, and I?

Malerie <3:

Sure, I'll be at your place in 10.

Nialler :D. :


Malerie <3:


I picked out a bikini thats yellow with white polka dots. I grabbed a towel and a bag full of clothes and I put on white swim shorts on over the bottoms of my swimsuit and walked out of my apartment. I got in my car and drove over to Nialls apartment and knocked on the door and Niall opened and hugged me and gave me a quick peck on the lips.

We walked back inside and we saw all the others sitting on the couch they all got up and we headed straight for the beach. We all went in Harry's car and I ended up having to sit on Niall's lap because there wasn't enough room in the car.

We arrived at the beach and we all hopped out of the car and started walking down the side of the beach. I ran up to Camryn's side.

"Race you to the water." I said, and started running to the water and Camryn started to catch up me. "Last one there is a rotten egg!" I screamed like a mad man, I ran into the water first and dived head first and I glided through the water and swam like a mermaid. Yes, I said mermaid.

I came back up for air and looked back at the beach and saw someone who I was hoping to never see again, Louis William Tomlinson, sitting on the beach with the girl he was kissing the day I was going to Starbucks.

He looked over at me at the same moment and smiled at me, I looked away and went back to swimming, but Camryn saw my facial expression and came up to me.

"Malerie, what's wrong?" She asked, putting a hand on my shoulder.

"Turn around and look up and you'll see the biggest jerk ever." I said and she followed my exact instructions and I could see the anger in her eyes because they were filled with rage. "Camryn, calm down, all he did was smile at me."

"What did you do in return?" She asked, still flaming with anger.

"I turned away and pretended I didn't see him." I said simply and she nodded. "Let's forget about it and go back to swimming?" I asked, she nodded, agreeing with me. I turned around once more and saw Louis talking to his old bandmates.

The boys joined us swimming and Louis and his girl, Eleanor joined us too. We all swam together and talked. Louis and the guys took a break for 2 months and now there working with each other again. But everything is good now and I am able to talk to Louis without wanting to slap him across the face.

Hopefully, there won't be any drama with him and I because I don't want any trouble. I wan't everything to be okay, between everybody. No more drama hopefully... but we'll see.

A/N: I will be continuing this story for at least 17 more chapters to make it longer and better because I wasn't really a big fan of this at first when I read it over, so I will be making more chapters to make it more interesting, but my updates won't be coming as fast. So please don't pressure


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