Trying To Escape | 1D Fan Fiction

This book is about a girl named Malerie Wagner. She lives in Doncaster, England in the same town as thee Louis Tomlinson. They're the best of friends, but he decided that he wanted to try out for the X-Factor and he did not expect to be in the worlds biggest boy band. But you know, the craziest things happen to the most awesome people.

Well, continuing with story. One day when she is walking down the street and something unexplained happens to her. She gets kidnapped... by One Direction. You may be thinking why her her best friend, Louis, would help kidnap her? That question remains a mystery.

Read on to find out more!


2. Chapter 2

I woke in a hospital room. They guys were all sitting in chairs around the room, I shook Zayn awake and he freaked out a little and then calmed down. "What happend?" I asked him trying to wake the boys.

"You ended up breaking and bruising 4 of your ribs and the pain was to much for you, and then you fainted." Zayn said holding my hand.

"This is just insane." I looked down and saw that I was wearing a black brace to keep me from moving. GRRR! This sucks.

"I know, I wish this never would have happend. But the doctor said whenever you woke up you are allowed to go home." He exclaimed happily, all the guys soon woke up. They were all shocked to see me awake.

"Oh my gosh, thank goodness your okay. We thought you died?" Louis exclaimed.

"Sorry, I freaked you guys out, but when you guys kidnapped me, I was tackled to the ground that first time I heard my ribs crack, but I didn't think that it was any serious damage that happened." I said looking down at my hands. They all looked around and said 'OOOPS' and I laughed lightly at them.

"Zayn, by the way, what did you mean when you said Little Sis yesterday to Malerie?" Liam asked really confused.

"Zayn didn't tell you, he's my brother, and I'm his sister." I said, gesturing towards Zayn.

"What?!" They all screamed except Louis, and they looked at Zayn in shock.

"What the hell, Zayn?" Harry said.

"Sorry, I thought it was going to change stuff between us and I didn't want to lose my best mates." Zayn explained. They nodded with understanding and I rubbed Zayn's arm reassuringly. "Well, I'm going to go sign your release papers and then we have to get on a plane to go back to England."

"Wait. Can I call Camryn? I need to ask her something." I exclaimed.

"Sure." Zayn said handing me his cellphone.

"Thank you!" He handed me his phone and I dialed Camryn. She answered and told her that I was going to visit my brother in England and possibly live with him. Zayn gave me a pair of clothes and to change into, so I didn't have to go back home with him in a hospital gown. That would just be plain out embarassing. I changed and then came out, he luckily gave me a cute outfit. It was a tank top with flowers on it and a pair of white shorts and a gray and white striped button up sweater and silver flats. After he checked me out, we got plane tickets and we left and got a plane back to Bradford.

3 Months Later 

"Malerie, your not going home!" Liam and Lou were holding me back, but I was still fighting to get out of there grasp.

Zayn and me always fought, but this was a side of Zayn that I have never seen. He was being kind of stern lately, and I hated it. It was an ugly side that I never wanted to see.

I could tell he was pissed. He was becoming just like Mum and Dad, I didn't want him to be like this. He was suppost to be one of those brothers who hugs you when you get home from school everyday, but he was just one of those brothers who didn't care about you and your feelings.

"You are Just like them!" I screamed at him.


I was sitting in my bedroom just chilling out, Hoping I wasn't going to get beat up tonight. It has been like a living hell since Zayn left, and I cant take it anymore. Dad burst through my bedroom door and stared at me with a smirk, I shot up standing and looking down at the ground.

"Please don't hurt me." I said with a tear streaming down my face, my dad walked up to me and stared at me. He wiped my tear away with his thumb.

"Why so sad little duck?" He asked trying to be like the sweet father he used to. I didn't reply, I was to scared. He lifted up my chin and looked me in the eyes.

"You are the worst father ever!" I screamed in his face. "Ever since Zayn left you guys started drinking and have become the worst parents ever in history, I mean who abuses there children after one of their children dies." My dad shoved me down to the ground and I slid into the wall with a big bang. My head started bleeding, my dad walked up to me and started punching me and kicking me. He grabbed out a Jackknife and opened it.

He pulled me up by my hair and then stabbed me in the stomache. I let out a scream before falling to the ground. I just laid there and soon my dad left the room. I luckily had enough strength to grab my phone off my nightstand. I called the police.

"Help me, please. I live on 630 mouse street." I then passed out and dropped my phone on the ground. The last thing I remembered was being picked up and put onto a gurnee and put into an ambulance and rushed to the hospital. Then I sware I saw my life flash before my eyes....

And then everything went black and I woke up in a Hospital room...

End of Flashback

I was sobbing and holding my knees inbetween my arms. How could Zayn be like this, he is the only family I have left. I have no other choice, but to runaway when I get the chance.

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