When Average Meets Insane

Jane and Elena are just a couple girls living in New York City. One Direction, we all know who they are, but what happens when on New Years Eve the boys have a complete screw up at their performance and are asked to take a break for a couple years? That night Average met Insane and their worlds were turned upside down with friendship, romance, and a whole lot of insaneness.


1. New Year

Elena's P.O.V

"Ow!" I hear a voice scream from outside the apartment. I go to the door and open it seeing my best friend, Jane laying on the floor, streamers, balloons, other party accessories, and confide all over her, the boxes that had once contained them scattered around her. I fight to hold back the laughter but my face just leaves a smirk.

"Have a nice trip?" I say trying to crack a joke, not funny but I just wanted a simple reaction from her. All I got was a glare from her. I rolled my eyes and helped her up onto her feet.

"That seriously hurt, El!"

"Not my fault" I reply picking up the boxes and some streamers and confide.

"It hurts" she mumbles pouting.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, stop complaining about your aching ass bones and help me decorate" I say carrying the boxes into the apartment and set them down on the coffee table.

"Do we actually have to decorate? I mean it's just you, me, and Tray". My heart just sunk at the very mention of Trey's name. Trey is my boyfriend, well correction, ex boyfriend.

"Trey isn't coming" I say taking some streamers and hanging them up above the door.

"And why the fuck not!?!" she says slumping down on the couch while throwing her arms into the air.

"Lets just say this. Taylor Swift once said 'We are never ever ever ever, getting back together" I say looking to her.

"Like ever" she says with a smirk. "You guys have a whole one and off relationship, I doubt this is the end"

"I said it and I meant it, J"

"So your about as done with him like I'm about as done with Harry Styles"

"No this is like, 'I'm so done with you, don't speak to me ever again', that's like "I'm so done, the little shit ruined my life but I love him so much' kinda thing"

"Got it" she says with a nod.

"Already gonna be a happy new year without him in my life"

"Oh, it's gonna be a happy new year for all of us without him in your life".

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