When Average Meets Insane

Jane and Elena are just a couple girls living in New York City. One Direction, we all know who they are, but what happens when on New Years Eve the boys have a complete screw up at their performance and are asked to take a break for a couple years? That night Average met Insane and their worlds were turned upside down with friendship, romance, and a whole lot of insaneness.


3. Did That Really Just Happen?

Jane's P.O.V

"Elena!?!" I yell as I'm watching the screen. I was watching the boys performance, as I notice them coming on the stage I can just tell something's wrong. Harry looked extremely sick, the other boys looked very worried, Niall fell off the stage, and Louis messed up his lines a bit. I know that he's done that before but this time 1) he didn't make up for it, 2) they all looked very scared. I just then felt a rush of worry burst through me. I look at Harry's body curled up on the stage in pain. "Elena!?!" I scream again.

"I heard you the first time, jeez!" she says annoyed, entering the room holding soda and some more chips. I point to the screen, when she looks her face goes blank and she just stares in awe. After some reporters and interviewers explain what had just happen Elena and I just sit there wondering what exactly would be happening in the next few days for the boys. We soon move on and watch more.

"So um....our new years resolution?" I ask looking to her.

"To not be loners!" she says smiling and taking a long sip from her Dr. Pepper.



~12:05 am~


Elena's P.O.V

I run into the kitchen and grab a few pots and pans. A tradition me and my family always do in new years is to grab some pots and pans and go running around town banging them like crazy and we don't give a shit about what anyone says.

"Le go!" I say giving Jane a wooden spoon and a small pot. We both run out the door and begin banging on the items.

"WOO!!!" I hear Jane scream in excitement once we get outside. We run and run while banging, laughing, and screaming. We got several people looking at us like we were complete nutcases on drugs, some people yelling at us to 'shut up' but as I said, we didn't care. We then ran around another corner, I see that it is now 12:15 and I just at that moment as we are turning another corner we both come face to face with five boys looking freezing cold, all having tears in their eyes but It was so insane that all at once all of us started screaming our heads off.

"WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING!?!" we ask them simultaneously.

"WE DON'T KNOW YOU SCREAMED FIRST!" they all yell. Right after that we all let out one last scream.

"Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! your One Direction" I hear Jane say shocked

"Yeah" I see who I think is Zayn say. It was so dark in this neighborhood you can barely see a thing!

"Where are you guys headed?" I ask looking at all of them, they all still are looking very upset. Just then I look and an unmistakable pair of green eyes lock with mine. "You feeling okay?" I ask below a whisper. I see him give a nod.

"I'm fine" he says shivering.

"We actually aren't heading anywhere...." Louis says.

"What do you mean?"

"When we got back to our hotel they said our time staying there is up..."

"Okay that's just messed up" Jane says looking to me.

"Well um...how bout you guys come and spend the night at our place possibly...I mean you got no where to stay, don't worry we're not freaks or anything" I say. I'm actually very shocked at my words. I just met them! They just met us! But I look to Harry and I can tell he's very sick, they all are freezing, they can freeze to death out here! Okay yeah I may be overreacting but still!

"Yes please!" Niall asks shaking with coldness more. 

That night just changed everything. That was the night Average met Insane. 

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