When Average Meets Insane

Jane and Elena are just a couple girls living in New York City. One Direction, we all know who they are, but what happens when on New Years Eve the boys have a complete screw up at their performance and are asked to take a break for a couple years? That night Average met Insane and their worlds were turned upside down with friendship, romance, and a whole lot of insaneness.


4. Caught Red Handed

A/N: Here a little Halloween Treat for you guys :)

                                                     ~Erin xoxo

Elena's P.O.V

This morning I had woken up to the most amazing thing ever. Although it had taken me a few minutes of fan girling to adjust to the sight of One Direction sleeping in the middle of my living room floor, all huddled together. Their snores happened to be the only sound you could possibly hear in this whole apartment. Just as I make my way to the kitchen I hear a slight knock at the door. As I'm rushing over I just fall to the ground.

"Louis!" I yell sending his sleeping figure a death glare. "Whatever Mr. Snores A lot" I say rolling my eyes and getting to the door. "Hey Sami" I say slipping on my bunny slippers and wrapping a blanket around myself. I step out into the hall to greet my older sister.

"You okay? I heard you yell at somebody" she says raiseing an eyebrow at me.

"Oh! That um...My card bored cut out of Louis Tomlinson was on the floor and I fell over him?" I say having my answer sound more like a damn question while fiddling with my fingers, basically the sure fire way to tell if I was lying or not! Way to go, Elena!

"Ya sure? That sounded more like a question then an answer, Elena" she says crossing her arms and smirking at me like I was caught red handed. Just then she went for the door knob and right about when I was about to block it, she opened it and the door popped right open making us both fall to the ground inside the apartment. I hear Sami give out a major gasp from the sight she saw.




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