One of the Guys

"Why are you crying?" Harry walked towards Stephanie. "Nothing, its nothing." She wiped the tears away. He stepped closer. "What's wrong?" Stephanie hesistated. "The guy I like....I don't think he likes me back..." Harry thought. "Well maybe if you didn't act like one of the guys, he might like you back."


4. Chapter 4


Harry walked on to the bus. Estephanie was worried, he hadn't looked so excited about them being on the same bus.

She was sitting on her bed, her headphones in. She pulled the one in her left ear out.

"Hi." she said, turning her head to look back at him. 

He mean mugged her and she decided to turn back to her laptop.

He walked over to his bunk and pealed his shirt off. Her eyes shot open, he did have a perfect body. She couldn't stop looking. He caught her eye at one point, she looked back at the laptop and  he chuckled a bit shaking his head.

He still wasn't going to go easy on her. He felt kinda bad because, beside the whole 'I dress like a dude' thing, she looked kind of fragile.

"Look, all I'm going to say is, don't take a dump with the door open. Niall likes to do that sometimes and its...well you can imagine."

They both shivered and she smiled off to the side.

"Don't worry, I won't."

He jumped into bed and got his phone out. He couldn't believe that he had just left her off the hook like that. He rolled his eyes at how forgiving he was. He wasn't going to let her go easily, he wanted her to quit. To never want to be around the boys. Something about her he just didn't like.

He was going to do everything to get rid of her.

They got to Wembley stadium after a couple of hours. Harry had fallen asleep so Estephanie got up and walked out. She went for a walk around the stadium, saying hi to some fans that had gotten there for their 7 o'clock show. 

No one really showed much interest in her, they all thought she was just another tour helper or something.

After about an hour Harry got up. He grumpily got up to look for Estephanie and to yell at her for not waking him up.

She was gone. 

"Probably packed her bags and left."

He smiled to himself and threw on a different shirt.

He walked out and found the other boys talking amongst themselves inside.

"Morning sunshine." Louis said, smiling at Harry, who was still half asleep.

"Wheres Estephanie?" Liam asked.

"Hopefully half way to her house." 

Harry laughed expecting the boys to laugh with him, but they all stared at him, mouths half open.

"What?" he asked. 

Niall gulped and Harry's eyes shot open.

"Don't worry Harry, if you wanted me to leave you should've just asked."

Harry spun around to find Estephanie walking back to the bus.

She had started tearing up, but quickly stopped. He was a pop star, of course he would be like this toward her. He wanted the best. 

Harry stared at her, he lifted his arm a bit, about to yell out to her but he stopped. This is what he wanted, she was leaving. But why did he feel a bit guilty?

"WHY THE FU-," Niall calmed down a bit, " Why would you say that to her mate?"

"Its what I feel. I don't have to hide it."

Niall had to calm himself down from the urge of punching Harry in the face of how ignorant he was being.

"Harry, shes a girl. Her feelings are easier to break than ours."

Harry slid a hand through his hair, "Doesn't look like a girl to me."

Niall smacked him in the arm, "HONESTLY STYLES I HATE YOU SO MUCH SOMETIMES."

Niall stormed off to look for Estephanie. 

He didn't just feel bad for her, he wanted her. He honestly thought she wasn't that bad looking of a girl. Yeah he knew she dressed like a guy, but the fact that she was shy and herself, he just liked that about her. That's why he was even more angry at Harry. 

"How could he fucking DO THAT?"

He was about to knock on the door when she came out. 

Her hood was down and her brown hair framed her face.

"Move." she spat, Niall was a bit taken a back.

Estephanie was already ready to burst, she just wanted to leave.

"Look, please don't leave. Can we talk ? Inside.."

Niall's eyes stared directly into Estephanie's and she could do nothing but agree. 

They both walked in and sat down on different beds, Niall on Harry's.

"Look, don't listen to him. Hes just has been crappy lately."

"I'm not going to suck up to him. If he really wants me to leave than I'll go. Besides there is plenty of other people out there who would LOVE my job."

"But you cant leave, its time we have a girl in charge." Niall smiled at Estephanie hoping she would like that, she didn't.

"Lets face it, all 5 of you think I'm a guy."

"Not true, I don't" 

"But you did at first."

"No, you have..." Niall's eyes widened.

"Have what?" Estephanie smiled, knowing that he was going to say she had boobs, she just wanted to hear him say it.

"Nothing..." he blushed  and looked down

"But will you stay?"

Niall pouted at Estephanie. She smiled and gave in.

"Fine ! Okay. I'll stay."

Niall jumped and hugged Estephanie. She was surprised bye his move, but she hugged him back.

He pulled back, his cheeks burning red.

"Um I'll go tell the boys."

Niall walked out feeling stupid. He couldn't believe he did that. But at least she was staying.

Harry was getting lectured by Liam on how he shouldn't be so rude with girls when Niall showed up smiling from ear to ear.

"What?" Harry asked, interrupting Liam.

"Shes staying." Niall said, loosing his grin when he answered Harry.

"Greaaaat." Harry rolled his eyes.

"God I hate you." Niall whispered walking past Harry.

Harry heard him and got angry.

" You want to say that louder?"

"I. Hate. You."

"What all because of that bitch?"


Harry laughed at Niall.

"Look what that girl is doing. And its her first day! You really want to keep her here?"

Zayn and Liam looked at each other, seeing Harry's point.

"Hope you don't make a mistake." Harry stormed off into the arena.

He couldn't believe that Niall hated him because of a girl. The boys were his best friends and for her to come and do this to them was stupid.

Niall cooled off outside and thought about what he had just done. Harry was more important to him than any girl. He had to apologize. He found Harry sitting on a couch eating a banana. 

"Haz? "

He didn't respond. 

"Look I came to say I'm sorry. You are more important than any girl. You're like my brother. I just i don't know. Don't be so rude to her. Maybe she ends up better than what you think. Give her a chance."

Harry took it all in and finally let go of his anger.

"I forgive you. And I'm sorry too, for treating her like that."

"Its not me you should be apologizing to."

Harry sighed and walked past Niall.

He was going to have to apologize to Estephanie.


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