One of the Guys

"Why are you crying?" Harry walked towards Stephanie. "Nothing, its nothing." She wiped the tears away. He stepped closer. "What's wrong?" Stephanie hesistated. "The guy I like....I don't think he likes me back..." Harry thought. "Well maybe if you didn't act like one of the guys, he might like you back."


2. Chapter 2


On Thursday Estephanie returned to the lobby.

She was feeling a little uneasy about this whole situation. I mean who wouldn't be a little nervous about meeting a famous pop band. Especially someone who had never even intended on landing this job.

She walked over to the cute guy behind the front desk. He had a cute smile and perfect hair.

He smiled at her.

"Hi um.... I'm supposed to meet Simon Cowell?"

He looked at her longer this time. He took in her features and realised she was girl, not a guy.

She felt bad for a second. Everyone confused her for a guy. It made her want to change, but she never did, she wanted to stick to herself.

To see who would fall for her personality, not her looks.

The guy turned to his computer and typed something in. He clicked the mouse a couple of times, and than squinted his eyes.

"Ummm...oh here.... Estephanie Guzman?"


"Okay...well it just says for you to wait in the lobby for him."

"Alright thanks."

Estephanie went to go sit on one of the many couches in the lobby. She pulled out her phone.

From Daisy: Anything yet?

Estephanie's younger sister Daisy knew about the job. Estephanie was living with her and her boyfriend since she had no where else to stay. It was only temporary until she found a job, which she had just gotten.

To Daisy: No. Im just suppossed 2 wait here. ill tell u when something happens

Estephanie switched off her phone, looking for any sign of Simon or the boys. She caught the guy at the desk peaking at her. He probably thought she was weird.

She flipped her phone back on and get on Twitter. After scrolling through her timeline for a few minutes, she looked up again. No one had got there yet. She was starting to think it was too good to believe.

"@1D_L0ver: @Harry_Styles SAY HI TO SIMON FOR ME, LOVE YOU!!"

Wonder what he tweeted..

"Harry_Styles: Headed for @SimonCowell 's office"

Guess they're on their way....finally.

She shut her phone off again and leaned forward, plugging her headphones.

After about 10 minutes of blasting music, she felt a tap on the shoulder. She looked up, got up, and took her headphones out.


"Hello. Sorry I was late, had some trouble at home."

"Its okay."

"You might want to put your hood up, we have to walk to wear the buses are."

She flipped her hood up and walked behind Simon, grabbing her suitcase and backpack on the way. She didn't understand why she needed her hood up until they turned the corner.

There was 4 tour buses parked in the paring lot, fences and security guards surrounding them. Behind the gates was a crowd of screaming girls all wanting to pass the fences.

Estephanie freaked out a little since the crowd was quiet big. She stopped dead in her tracks.

"I-I don't think I can do this..."

Simon turned around.

"Just breath. Nothing will happen. Here put these on."

Simon handed her a pair of black RayBan's. Estephanie took them and put them on. She nervously walked behind Simon while some security guards surrounded them.

"Keep walking." One of the guards whispered as she stopped to look at the fans arround her.

"SIMON!!!!!" All of the girls screamed.

"Whos that ?" Some girls where whispering when they saw Estephanie.

To them she looked like a guy. Her head down, hood & glasses on, one hand in her pocket. Some girls were even thinking that she was part of One Direction.

Once past the fence, Simon walked her towards an empty bus.

"This bus is the one you will be sharing with one of the boys. As to who that is, I have no clue yet."

She looked around.

"I'll leave you to start unpacking while I go find the boys."

She smiled at Simon while he walked out.

There were 2 beds. One on each side of the bus. The back of the bus was covered in big windows with window seats under them. There was a bathroom and a small kitchen lose to the front of the bus. There was a tv in the middle of the windows with movies underneath.

Estephanie felt weird being in here, like she was invading someone's privacy. She put her stuff down on 1 bed and walked out

"Okay boys, its time you meet your activity administrator. Please don't give her a hard time. Shes a little nervous."

"Don't worry, we won't" Liam instantly said.

"Don't know about Harry though, he migh hit on her!" Louis said, teasing Harry.

Harry punched him in them arm wich made everyone chuckle.

They followed Simon towards the busses, waving at their screaming fans.

Someone was walking towards them. She had her head down, hands in her pockets, and hood up.

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