Save Rock and Roll

Why rock music is so much better than anything else.
-- Preparing for butthurt, please remember to keep any comments you have against this clean and remember that this is my profile, and I have different opinions to you. :) --


1. Save Rock and Roll

they shout, raising CDs and merch
high above their heads
of metal and dyed hair. 
Behind masks of individuality
music fans stand, scared.
Their genre is under threat. 
Who could threaten rock? 
An 18 year old she-male,
a bunch of computers
and secretly gay boybands,
armed with underage fans
and meaningless 'number ones'.
Where are their instruments?
Behind their auto-tune?
Why not encourage moshing,
or crowdsurfers? 
Who wants to be stuck
in a crowd
of screeching girls 
when you could fight
and push your way,
to the front, 
using flying fists and elbows?
Chanting slogans, 
shouting lyrics, 
making friends, 
meeting the idols
that inspire you
that save you, 
and don't encourage you
to be spiteful
to spit at others
to be something you're not. 
Put away the auto-tune, 
ignore the feminine singers,
the creepy stalkers and the OTT fans.
Get into rock, my friend,
it's the best thing to do. 

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