Disguised As Faith

Twins. Faith and Destiny.
Although they look alike, they're complete opposites. Faith is the preppy and pink girly girl, while Destiny is a skater chick, who rocks combat boots and the colour black.
Faith is invited to a big party that her parents would never let her go to. So, to avoid any trouble she asks Destiny to cover for her, by acting as Faith, while she acts as Destiny.
Destiny agrees.
They have everyone fooled, even their own parents.
Everything is going just as planned, but there's a turn of events, that ends with a mangled 'Destiny'.


1. Chapter One


I lean back in my chair and glance up at the clock. Still forty five minutes left. I silently groan, I hate History, probably the most boring class I have ever taken.  I listen as Mrs. Mono (at least that's what I call her, due to the caterpillar that lives above her eyes) drone on. I lean over my notebook, and finish shading in the portrait of her I've been working on for the past twenty minutes. I finish off her bushy uni-brow, when I hear that ghastly voice.  


"Destiny." She belts.  


I slam my notebook shut and look up at her.  


"Yes?" I say, chewing on a piece of mint gum.  


She tilts her head towards the door, where my principal, Mr. Avery, stands. I roll my eyes, and grab my bag off the ground. I sling it across my body and step out the door. He glares at me as I amble down the empty hall. I left a message in the schools science lab earlier today... I guess he doesn't like art. We make it to the foyer, and into the large office. He guides me to his small room, and opens the door.  He stops, and gestures me in.  


"Take a seat." He says, pointing to a small red leather chair that is placed in front of his desk.  


I sit down, and let my bag fall to the ground, causing it to make a plunk sound. I watch as he sits down, his black leather chair squeals under the strain of his weight. Not that he's fat, the chair has been over used.  


"You're quite the artist." He jokes.  


"Gee, thanks." I reply sarcastically.  


I just want to hear my punishment.  


"Detention. You're cleaning the walls." He says, placing his interlocked fingers on the desk.  


"Fair enough." I shrug, leaning down to pick up my bag.  


I glance over at him. He's actually not that bad looking. I mean, he's fairly young, probably in his twenties. He has short blonde hair and green eyes.  Okay. No. That's weird. Stop.  I shake these repulsive thoughts from my mind, and stand up.  


"I want those walls to sparkle." He remarks as I close the door behind me.  


I'm sure he's used to my visits by now, they've become almost daily.    I push the office door open with my shoulder and head out to the smokers pit.   
Screw History.   
I scan the crowd for Greg. I spot him, and jog up,   


"Hey!" I say.  


"Hey." He smiles back, but it soon turns into a furrow, "Shouldn't you be in History?" He asks, his French accent peeking through.  


"Shouldn't you be in....?" I trail, not knowing what class he is supposed to be in.  


He chuckles.  


"Unlike you, I actually attend all my classes. I have a spare."   


"Oooh. Quite the little genius, aren't you." I joke.  


You can only get a spare if you have a ninety percent average in your class.   


He again, chuckles. He takes a drag of his cigarette, and offers me his pack. I reach out to push it away, but he pulls is back faster.  


"Oh, right. You don't smoke." He says, shoving it back into his pocket.  


"Unlike you, I actually care about my health." I tease.  


He shakes his head and smirks.  


"So. Why aren't you in class." He asks, putting the cigarette back in between his thin lips.  


"Avery knew it was me." I say inspecting my black painted finger nails.  


"Fuck eh?" He says, blowing out ring of smoke into the cool air.  




There is a long moment of silence, but not the awkward kind. It's comfortable.  

Greg and I have known each other for most of our lives. He's easily my best friend. We've shared so many unexplainable moments, and have had our fair share of fights, but at the end of the day, he's the one I turn to. He's like a brother to me.  

I turn my gaze back to him. I watch as he runs his slender fingers through his thick black hair.  I look up, his chocolate eyes meet my hazel ones.  


"Are you going?" He asks once our eyes are locked.  


"Going where?" I ask confused.  


"To Faith's audition?"   


"What audition?" I say dumbfounded.  


"Great sister. She didn't tell you she was auditioning for the play?"   


"Ugh!" I groan, "She's auditioning for that stupid play!"  


He laughs,   


"I auditioned." He says seriously.  


"I know...but you're French. French people are hopeless romantics." I explain.  


He rolls his eyes,  


"I've been here for the majority of my life, you could say I'm an American citizen."   


He hates when I bring up the fact he's French, it's been a dream of his since France to become an American citizen. I don't know why though...   We both laugh for no reason. Something we do when words aren't suitable for the situation.  


"Well, when is her audition?" I ask  


"It's tomorrow. And I'm pretty sure she has the whole school anxious to watch." He tells me.  


"That's Faith for you..."       


We go our separate ways once the bell rings. I head to my locker and pull my skate board out. I slam the locker shut and skate to the Science room to serve my detention.   


"No skateboards in school." Mr. Watson, the science teacher, yells at me.  


I immediately stop and pick it up.  I don't feel like getting a second detention.  


"The stuff is in the back." He says, walking out the door.   If someone didn't know, they'd think this is some sort of drug deal.    I walk to the back of the room and pull out a sponge.  I begin scrubbing the paint from the wall.  It was just some messy graffiti across the wall that read; Would you do this to yourself? Not my best work...but it'd do.   Once I finish clearing the last bit off, I throw the soaping sponge back into the small bucket, and head out the door.   I hop back onto my board and push off down the street.   This is my favourite time, skating. I get to see some nature. Since its fall, all the leaves are turning red and falling from the trees. My favourite part though is the smell. Wet leaves and apples. Just the smell of fall.   After about fifteen minutes of rolling, I come to my street. A small road, with grey stone houses side by side.  I stop in front of my house.  I flick the board up and make my way to the gate.  I push it open and trudge up the paved drive way, to the front door.        




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