The Answer to Existence

Shortlisted for the 'More Than This' short story writing competition.

Marie has always been different.

To everyone else the world seems to be it; our life on Earth all there is, but Marie knows differently. Marie sees more.

Her classmates believe that what you see is what you get, and don't waste much time over pointless philosophical questions like: 'what is the meaning of life?'

But, as I said, Marie is an original. And, for some reason she can't explain, she has answers.

After so much time walled up in her own world can Marie knock down the block between her and the rest of society?

Can Marie really pass on her answers to a fellow teenager? And, can Marie hold a grasp on the answer before it consumes her?


5. The Answer To Existence

Existence and life are two very different things often confused as the same.

You can exist but not be living.

Just as you can be living but don't exist.

Those who exist are blind to what the world has to offer.

Those who live see more. They know The Answer To Existence.

The Answer is no dictionary definition. It is a highly complex, mind blowing supreme code that billions upon billions will never be able to grasp.

The few that do understand are chosen - selected.

They hold The Answer themselves. They literally are the living, breathing, Answer To Existence.

But, hear, The Answer isn't something that should be sought out. It is dangerous, as are those who speak The Answer.

But, if you really want to know and agree to sell your soul I shall relent on this one occasion.

The Answer To Existence is that there is no life - only death. Death is inevitable; life is the fortuitous space between.

The Answer To Life is, in fact, an entirely different thing.

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