The Fence

“Haven’t you ever felt like there has to be more? Like there’s more out there somewhere, just beyond your grasp, if you could only get to it?” - Final Word Count: 3984 - Top ten in the More Than This Competition :D


5. Ready

We stood in the shadow of the grandiose globe, sunlight gliding across its glass panels, nature attempting to take back its land as ivy climbs over the rounded roof. A gravelled path made the building look so inviting, but really it’s just luring you into its grasp. Round the back, there was nothing. Nothing but a sudden drop awaiting you. Some have purposely fallen over the edge as an escape but a few fight against the Fence. Even fewer find out whether there really is more than this, and hopefully I’ll soon join them in their trophy room.

   “Woah…” the girl’s eyes follow the spherical shape, “Not seen anything like this before!”

   “It ain’t man-made that’s why.” I replied, smug in her blindness, “What you call 'beasts' made this.”

   She looked down her nose at me in doubt again before staring back at it, “And this thing’s full of treasure?”


   “Well what are we waiting for?” Lunging towards the black doors at the top of the path, I swiftly snatched at her sleeve.

   “Hey!” She cried, sharp eyes of ice burning into mine as my nails dug into her skin.

   “You can’t just waltz in!” I released her but she didn’t go for the door again, “The Nest doesn’t like to be disturbed by an unknown.”


   “Shh!” My staccato speech merged with a frustrated gasp. It’s so close…   “I’ll go first.” Fortunately, the girl nodded and followed as I reached for the handle. Before opening, I took one last look at this broken down world, taking in the morning’s fresh smell and preparing myself for a new beginning.

   I was ready.


Entering the doors, the sudden coldness closed on the serenity seen outside, trapping you; strangling you. I scoffed at her shriek when the dark’s shadowy arms veiled over us. The door knocked shut. Suffocating silence blocked out your senses for a moment.

   “Forward.” A voice rumbled from above. I felt the girl clumsily grab the back of my t-shirt. The real horror she should be scared of was still to come. At least it shut her up.

   I strode forward like the voice said. I knew the way. The girl whimpered behind, refusing to let go.

   Through the darkness, a glowing rectangle appeared, a light at the end of the tunnel. I pushed through and the brightness made you squint no matter whether you expected it or not.

   Here, a desk and three doors accompanied the white room.

   “Ah, you.” The man that was always behind the desk, with high-cheekbones and curled hair, glanced up to see me, “After some red hair dye again? Oh…” Noticing the girl, the corner of his mouth rose arrogantly, “So you’re here to put down another payment. First one of the day!”

   Shuffling through papers, he pressed a button hidden under them. This condemned my actions. There was no going back.

   Two soldiers, different to the Shieldsmen in their green uniforms, grabbed the girl by the arms, pulling her as she screamed and struggled towards the first door. A needle prick of blood and the deal was sealed.

   “She any good at taking orders.” The man raised his voice to be heard over the noise.

   “Yes" I lied. I couldn’t help but let my eyes flicker to my victim. Her mouth was open, catching flies. Fool.

   “Here, have some bread.”

   Even though I hadn't eaten in a while, I wasn't feeling that hungry anymore. As I nibbled, he scanned his computer. “So she’s the twentieth Failure you’ve managed to turn in to the Nest. You know what that means?”

   I nodded. Butterflies were going crazy all over my body. He turned to the soldiers, “She’s clear. Take her to the others.”

   A jumble of yells fell from her mouth but I was deaf to them. The tunnels here were just like the ones she’d have to work in back home anyway. The door closed.



“That seems to be it.” I took a deep breath. “Off you go lass. That will lead you out to the new world.”

   I walked to the mahogany door where his eyes lay. “What’s there? Is it just like the Cream’s life in the Fence?" My heart jumps at the foul memories, but he laughed.

   “There’s much more to life than that Fence. You’ll have to see for yourself.” And he went back to his papers.

   I let my hand glide over the handle. I could forget everything I had ever done there. There had to be more than this life. Right.

   I threw the door open.

   Wind caressed my smile.

   I ran.

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