Dear Diary - Harry Styles -

My scars aren't visible to human eye. It's something only I can see. My battles aren't with people around me, but within me as we speak. Insecurities thrashing and whipping me left and right. Someone save me - Destinee Greene


1. Prologue

Dear Diary, 

Today I did my usual routine. I got up and got ready for another day at school. Another day where people unknowingly kill me on the inside. Just like every other day. 

Diary, I've started to have a feeling that no one wants me here. That I am so unwanted by the human race, what should I do? It's not like I can change myself in a blink of an eye. It's just not possible. 

I don't want to be hidden from everyone anymore. I want to be free like everyone else. Be confident and carefree. What happened to me, why am I not like that anymore? 

Something happened to me, and I want to know what it is. It's just not fair. I want to know what has happened, and I want to know now. Why does it seem like the only time I truly smile is when I think of the people who don't know I exist. Like, celebrities. They don't know I exist, and so they make me happy. 

Ugh, there's something terribly wrong with me. 

Sincerely, Destinee 


Dear Diary, 

Today I heard of a fairly good band with the name of One Direction. I am not quite sure why girls scream and faint over them. But, I guess there are some reasons why. 

Maybe it's just me thinking strangely, but that one curly haired boy seemed to be like a very kind boy. I can't help thinking that way. But, who am I to say such a thing by just knowing the outside perimeter and appearance of this person. 

I watched a few videos with these boys in it, and they all seem sweet. As I said, they seem sweet. I can't say that they are sweet, because I for one have never met these boys. 

They say they care for their fans, but is it really true? I doubt they would ever go out of their way to talk to a fan such as myself. I mean, if I were them, I wouldn't want to speak to me either. I'm quite the depressing aura to have around. 

I still can't seem to get this curly haired boy out of my head though! What has become of me Diary?! I'm in need of a therapist I think. Oh well. 

I wonder if someone were to read my Diary, if they would care. If they would see the pain I went through and feel sorry for me, or maybe even befriend me because of all the things I've been through. No, I highly doubt that. 

Imagine if that curly haired boy read this right now, HAHA. What a sight that would be for me! I wouldn't be able to sleep at night though, knowing that he had read my deepest secrets, out of this small worn out book. 

I wonder though, if a boy like that would want to date a girl like me.. 

Another thing that I must doubt. I reckon he wouldn't even want to speak to me. 

Well, it was worth a small bit of thought, eh? 

Sincerely, Destinee 


Harry shut the book, feeling as if he couldn't read anymore. This girl was actually speaking of him in this book, and now here he was sitting here. Reading the book that she thought that he would never read. 

His mind wandered elsewhere as he thought what this girl had been through. He had read a good majority of the book and now he was determined to read the whole thing. But, something stopped him. Was it the fact that he couldn't handle the thought of her maybe hating him later on in the book? No, it was because somehow in the short hour of him reading this book, since he found it lying on this bench, completely forgotten of. He had somehow found an interest in this girl. In fact, he somehow found himself falling in love with her. 

The girl that went by the name of Destinee. The 'Dear Diary' girl. 

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