Dear Diary - Harry Styles -

My scars aren't visible to human eye. It's something only I can see. My battles aren't with people around me, but within me as we speak. Insecurities thrashing and whipping me left and right. Someone save me - Destinee Greene


5. Chapter 4: Karma

Harry's heart almost stopped as Niall repeated his question. He couldn't tell Niall the answer to his question or else he may want to read it. Harry blinked, he was starting to sound obsessed with this book, although he sort of knew he was. Niall waited for Harry's answer, but there wasn't one that came from him.


"Harry, who's is it? Did you steal it?" Niall questioned Harry further. He wouldn't have stolen it would he? No, of course not, that's ridiculous.


Harry didn't speak a word, instead he stood from his seat and rushed out of the hotel room. As he shut the door behind him, he became frantic. What if Niall tells the other boys? What if he takes it from him while he's sleeping. No, he wouldn't try to take it from Harry would he? 






Dear Diary,


I'm feeling quite queasy, it's not because I'm sick; I assure you I am not in any way sick. Today is the day I do a presentation in front of the whole college, or Uni to be exact. I can't help but feel as if this is going to be much worse than any high school project I've done before. At the moment, I'm sitting on my bed while my roommate types away on her computer. Every now and then I see some inappropriate things pop up and it disturbs me. 


My roommate's name is Guillianna; it's quite the unique spelled name, is it not? You pronounce it like Juliana, yet in her case it looks like the words Gwill-ee-anna. Then again, my name is quite strange as well, so who am I to talk? I call Guillianna 'G' while she sticks with the first three letters of my name 'Des'. It makes me sound more masculine, so it's not exactly my favorite nickname ever - but it is better than most.


Anyways, back to my presentation. It's not all too difficult, but I still feel anxious about it. The people here are much more strict than my old teachers, and that's not a very good sign. And don't even get me started on the delinquent students. Almost none of the students in my classes actually care about what the professor speaks about, and it drives me absolutely insane! 


Speaking of the students, what if they laugh at me because I did a presentation on William Shakespeare? What if they start to call me names in front of everyone? Oh god, I don't want to do this presentation at all.








Destinee slumped down on the bench as a few strangers passed by. She sighed to herself as she let her eyes wander to a few of the people who had passed by. What if one of them took it? Destinee stood to her feet and contemplated on what she was going to do next. Whipping out her phone, she checked the time. The thought of the small tea shop not too far away came to mind as she began walking away from her last hope. 


The annoying little bell rang as Des opened the shop's door. She walked towards the counter and ordered her usual cuppa. Maybe not having that diary would be good for her, it might help her actually speak her feelings to other people. It could help her make friends, or ward them off.


As the college student sat down near the window, a young man walked into the shop. His hair was disheveled by either bed head - which would be unusual at this time of day - or sex. For the sake of her innocence Destinee went with the first option. She watched as the man ambled towards the counter and ordered a cup of tea similar to her own. As the man waited for his cup, he glanced around the shop, probably looking for a seat. His eyes rested on Des and he smiled warmly at her, most likely finding her looks pitiful. 


With cup in hand, the man made his way towards Destinee's chair. She had no idea why, but this man looked like he genuinely wanted to sit near her. Des looked at him incredulously as he stood in front of her with an all too familiar dimpled smile. A disbelieving gasp left Destinee's mouth as he sat down across from her, "Hello."


Destinee stared at the man with wide eyes, was this really happening or were her eyes deceiving her? Was this a way to replace the old worn out book she had lost the other day? If it was, she doesn't know she actually loves it or hates it right now. 


"Hello?" Destinee looked up into the grey-green colored eyes of none other than Harry Styles. Her heart skipped a beat as she looked at the smile he had on his face. She smiled shyly at the man as he took a sip from his cup of tea. It was obviously a bit too hot as she noticed him pull away quickly and hiss. 


Destinee had bite her lip as a giggle threatened to escape her mouth. Harry had glanced up hopefully at the girl that sat across from him. The grim look she had on her face when he saw her made him want to change that. A smile spread on his features as the smallest trace of a smile showed on the young woman's face.


"I'm Harry." Harry spoke as he outstretched his hand towards her. Destinee eyed it suspiciously, as if she hadn't seen a man's arm before.


She gingerly took his hand in her hold and shook it, "Destinee, but my roommate calls me Des. Nice to meet you."


Her voice was soft, causing Harry to strain his hearing just to make out a snippet of what she was saying. As the sound of the familiar name clicked in his brain, Harry glanced at his and her hands. This was the girl, the girl he had been wanting to meet since he found the book only yesterday? Was it fate for them to meet this day? Was this Harry's chance to show her that she could mean something to someone?


Was she everything he had hoped her to be?




Hey guys, I'm really happy to read all of your comments. And I'm almost positive one of you said that you can relate to Destinee, and I'm glad - kind of. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but I'll just say: "So can I."


Also, one of you said that you get goosebumps when you read her diary entries. I'm glad the writing has that kind of effect on you darling! 


I hope you all liked this chapter, I certainly enjoyed writing; though it's not my best chapter ever written. 


- Melody xx 

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