I've become numb. No emotion show's I can't feel a thing. I'm half dead. Keep things coming and I will break, like a twig in the forest of many. Life is a pain to have and now a new burden is on my shoulders. I'm half way in. I don't talk, I don't listen. One more thing and I will leave and that one thing is a stupid guy trying to help me. Not going to happen bozo.


1. It couldn't get any worse

You know how people always say "it couldn't get any worse" well it did for me. On July 20th, 1995 my mother passed away I was only 2 years old, and you would think things can't get any worse. In 1997 my father started doing drugs and was later put in a mental hospital. I moved in with my grandma, who died in 1998. Then I went to the only family left and that was my uncle and aunt who later passed away in a car crash. Every single person I loved died or was a drugie. I can't even begin to explain what happened after that. I went to an orphanage and got adopted after a year of horrid care. I was afraid of everything and everyone. Especially love. No one would want a girl who was fat and ugly with scars from mental and physical pain.

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