People change, Memories don't.


1. Stupid boys

Natahsa's P.O.V

"Leave me alone Beau." I say, trying to ignore the harsh words Beau was shouting at me.

"You're so fat Natasha, i dont know how anyone could love you!" Jai laughs as he looks over at Luke.

"Awh is Natasha getting all upset, you hate hearing the truth!" Beau says in a baby voice teasing me. Tears start pouring from my eyes.

"Boys what's going on?" I see Gina ask as she walks in from the kitchen. Beau stares at me i know i have to shut up. I quickly wip my eyes and put on a fake smile.

"Nothing Mom." Luke giggles.

"Alright be good" Gina says going back to the kitchen. My phone buzzes and i look down. It's my friend Lucy

To: Natasha. 


''Hey girl! Want to come over? Me, you and Eriana should have a sleepover' 

From: Lucy 

Luke walks up to me and snatches the phone out of my hands before i have a chance to reply.

"Give it back!" I shout. Luke starts typing on the phone and then tosses it to Beau.

"You want it back you have to come and get it." I hear Beau say. Jai burst out laughing.

"She can't run, have you seen the size of her!"

I wake up with a start and see the sweat dripping off my head. I'm in my own bed safe and sound. Nowhere near Beau, Jai or Luke. Those horrible bullies. I pull on my dressing gown and slip on my slippers as I walk downstairs and into the kitchen.

"Morning." I sigh, pouring myself a coffee. 

"Morning darling, Remember when you use to live with Gina and her boys?" Uncle Marcus says. Yeah, I totally do, I absolutely hated them.

When I was six both of my parents died in a car crash. I didnt have any grandparents and it was a hard time for me. I stayed in all day. I just ate and ate. My Mum's good friend Gina Brooks decided to take me I and care for me because none of my uncles or aunties wanted me. I became fatter and fatter but i tried to deny it.I always had been a little bit on the 'chubby' side but it had never bothered me before. I was ok with it. If people didnt like it, I didnt care. Jai, Luke and Beau teased me about it at first which was something i was ok at handeling but soon it became much, much worse. They'd say horrible things to me on a daily basis and just pretend nothing happened when Gina was around. I kept silent about it. When i was ten luckily my uncle who lived in perth wanted to take me, he said he was ready to be a father like figure and make his brother, my dad, proud. For seven years he looked after me, I lost so much weight and I felt so much better about myself, I complety smilmmed out, most my acne went away and I grew out of old silly habits, I was a much different person now.

Soon the bullying started again when i was classed as a 'geek' this time it was physical bullying.I thought it was important to do well in schoobecasue i didint have much else in life.  Soon after the bullying started a dropped out of school and just stopped being socialble. Thats when I started to become violent. I got angry easily and soon my uncle got really angry with my behaviour. I would always come home at 2 in the morning, Ive been arrested, Ive changed a lot.  "Because i'm sick of your behaviour Gina said you could go and live with them again." Uncle Marcus smiles and sips his orange juice. nger rises up and i starts screaming.

You have got to be kidding me. 


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