There's something called a verge. It's the breaking point. Verge leaves you empty. It's an alien that you can't escape. It seeps into your brain and leaks negativity where ever it goes. Are you ready to fight it, Alex isn't watch her reach her verge, mabey you will learn from it.


5. chapter 5

When I woke up, I felt the bands tied around my body. The doctor was in the corner watching as I tried to breathe in oxygen. "You know, I've never had a patient freak out on me like that. What happened that made you freak?" He asked.

"Nothing." I was not talking about this with him.

"Listen, I have to carry out the procedure with you whether you like it or not. I promise I will not hurt you." With that he came and helped me to a sitting position. "Okay let's begin, this is a stethoscope, I will listen for a heart beat irregularity and any bowel problems" With that, he started his descent toward my chest. I tensed and started to cry. Doc stopped and looked at me with worry. "I have to do this..."

With that he gently leaned in and touched the cold stethoscope to my back. I yelped and cried harder. He tried to get me to be quiet but I was too scared. Without my stuffed mountain lion, I couldn't be touched.

"If you're not quite, then I can't stop listening. I have to hear your heart." I tried to quite down to a whimper. Yet, as soon as he moved, I burst out crying. "Okay, if you're not quiet, I have to slightly sedate you, and I can tell you hate needles." I tried to quite down, I grabbed the pillow my head was laying on and gripped it to my chest. Then nodded my head. When he leaned in I flinched but held my ground, twenty seconds later he took his hand off my back. Next, I needed my eyes checked, which was easy. Then my nose and mouth examined which was simple. In both, he didn't touch me.

The last part was my least favorite part. The time when he tests my muscles and bones for weakness. It involves lots of pressure points. "Stand up please. We have to check your level of muscle tolerance and strength. Chiefs orders..." With that he began to prod my calves. I screamed and ran away from him. He grabbed my arm and pulled me to his chest. I was shaking and crying, pleading for him to let me go. Yet, he held on until I calmed down.

The Doc grabbed a needle from the table and in two quick motions, he jammed the needle into my thigh muscle. I shrieked as the medicine was released into my blood stream. I tried to rip the needle out but found it useless. "You will begin to feel drowsy. Feel free to sleep." He said as he left the needle in and replaced the syringe with a tube. "Here's an I.V. to keep you hydrated and nourished while you're under." With that he laid me down and strapped me up to the bed once again. In a couple minutes I was out cold.

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