There's something called a verge. It's the breaking point. Verge leaves you empty. It's an alien that you can't escape. It seeps into your brain and leaks negativity where ever it goes. Are you ready to fight it, Alex isn't watch her reach her verge, mabey you will learn from it.


1. Behind the Smile

When I got to school I heard from someone that The Verge attacked Kat's house last night. I was instantly in denial, The Verge attacked depressed people not happy people. She couldn't have been attacked Kat was always happy, she wasn't depressed. It's just a rumor. When I got to first hour the teacher looked sad. She quickly began to hand out a paper, when I got mine it read:

Dear Students,

We regret to inform you that last night Katrina Long's house was attacked by The Verge. She was the only one that got infected thankfully. According to Katrina's parents she had been saddened by the death of a family member by the alien. Everyone should keep an eye out for depressed people because The Verge will attack saddened people, if you see signs of depression in someone you are asked to contact the school's emergency unit who will take the person away to be treated. If the school is attacked we will be all wiped out so please keep that into consideration.

My Thanks,

Principal Young

I started to cry I hid my head in my arm. I didn't want to be seen like this. Kat was my best friend, she was one of the only people that cared for me. I started to feel like I was being lifted. I opened my eye's to see I was on a stretcher in the middle of class with the teacher looking at me with a frown and the rest of the class had wide eyes that were filled with disappointment and fear.

I knew that the school's emergency unit was called here to get me and bring me to a treatment facility. I wasn't allowed to show emotions or The Verge would attack the school. Now everyone hated me for showing it. I am a skilled person but I'm not skilled at hiding emotions. I can run fast, jump high and shoot a gun with the accuracy of an eagle's eye, but I can't hide emotions. We're supposed to hide our emotions behind a smile, but that's not me.

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