Just Another Love Story

When I went to my first concert I was so excited, but I didn’t realize the huge effect it would have on my life. It was a Justin Bieber concert and I had back stage passes I was so excited, I had gotten them as a Christmas present and I couldn’t wait to go, but I had a few months to wait.


3. Chapter 3


I woke up that morning thinking that that was the best dream ever I woke up early, like five in the morning I looked at my phone, and there was a text that read “Hey beautiful!” I was surprised that someone had text me so early I looked at who it was from and I was shocked to see that it was from Justin and there was a whole conversation between us from last night I got up and jumped in the shower took about 30 minutes then I finished getting ready. At about 5:55 I got a text from Justin “Almost to your place” “great I am super pumped!” I sent at 5:57 then three minutes later there was a knock at my door I thought that it would be Scooter or someone but Justin came up to the door person I know happened to see him come up and get me. I flirted it up because I could and to my surprise he was flirting it up a ton too! We got in the limo. “You look way cute!” I said “haha thanks, you look amazing” he replied. I shockingly looked up “I don’t mean this in a rude way at all because I love you, but I am surprised at how sweet you are.” “yea I think that you know” he stopped and licked his lips “people just think that stars are like that when some of us are nice and it kinda bugs me cause like you said” he did his cute little point when he doesn’t tuck all his fingers in. “you love me but you were expecting me to be rude” he said, he took a breath like he was going to start again, and I cut him off. “No I wasn’t at all expecting you to be rude just not so sweet like you are sweeter than the average person” I stated. “Thanks?” he I don’t even know. “Don’t worry it was a complement” I giggled and smiled “what is your favorite song?” he asked “Ben by the ja…” “I know the Jackson 5” “yea I love them” we simultaneously said then laughed and smiled “what is you second?” he asked me “U smile by, well you” I said. “Oh good he said” “what” I asked “I thought you were gonna say baby or something” “nope I like songs that aren’t much known!” “Good I like that” he said “what is your third?” I thought for a moment “Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney” I said, he just laughed then said “Oh look we’re here!”

As we walked in Justin had his arm around me and so I hugged him as we walked. Then Scooter saw us and said “Well well well! Who have we here?” I could tell that Justin was embraced so I stopped hugging him, but he left his arm around me witch I liked. Justin replied with “this is Kryta the awesome girl that was at the concert last night, and I thought she was cute and I said I wanted to get know.” “Right” Scooter said “she is cute I never saw her, you know Justin I know you have a girlfriend but you two make a cute couple especially how you two walked in. Hey Kryta? Hug Justin like you were when you first came in.” I laughed a little “ok? And yes it’s Kryta.” I am not full of myself at all but I looked cute that day I did my makeup really cute and I curled my hair so I hugged Justin and looked up at him, he was taller than I was. But he was looking at Scooter. Scooter made a weird face at him and then he looked down at me and smiled.  Then the rehearsal started and Justin sounded amazing. He took his mike off and so none of us could hear him except the people on stage and then he sang U Smile just for me he did an extremely good job singing it. Then the rehearsal was over and Justin came grabbed my hand and started running and then we were gone. As soon as we were a block away we stopped running and he looked at me and said “So what do you want to do” “I don’t know” I replied. He came back with “we can do anything in New York and you don’t know what you want to do” “well I am sort of hungry” I said. “Alright then where do you want to eat?” he asked “surprise me” he hailed a cab and we got in. my hands were resting in my lap clutched together; he grabbed one of them and held it. Then the cab stopped and Justin paid the driver I was waiting outside the cab for him. I didn’t know he was done but then he came up behind me and scared me I yelled and said “I was wondering when you were going to scare me” I smiled, he just laughed and grabbed my hand. Then we went and ate at this amazing restaurant I don’t even know what it was called. I kept thinking that it was so much fun to be hanging out with my favorite singer but people kept stopping him to get an autograph. I was feeling a little out of place but it was fun. After we ate we went out into the street and got in another cab I said “I feel bad that you are paying for everything” he said “I would be the worst guy on the planet to have this much money and make you pay. Plus it makes me feel like a man” he smiled and laughed. Then said “I have a friend I want you to meet.”               

I was shocked that he wanted me to meet a friend so early. He then scooted close to me and grabbed my hand again; I loved how much he held my hand. He said “your third favorite song is by Jesse McCartney right?” “Yea Why?” I asked “Is that the only song of his that you know?” “No I know lots of them.” “Cool” he replied “are you single?” “Yes I am” I sighed “unfortunately.” Then the cab stopped. We both hopped out and started walking he let go of my hand and walked ahead. He went and punched someone in the back he looked about 18, he turned around and they started talking and laughing I heard Justin faintly “yes I brought the hot girl that I wanted you to meat, her third favorite song is one of yours.” My heart skipped a beat for a couple reasons one Justin thought I was hot, and two if I wasn’t mistaken I was about to meet Jesse McCartney. I acted like I didn’t hear anything and I played on my phone I looked up and saw them walking over so I put my phone away. It was Jesse McCartney they got to me and stopped walking Jesse said “Wow you are cute! What’s your name?” “It’s Kryta” I replied “isn’t that a cool name” Justin said grabbing my hand. “Are you two dating?” Jesse asked “no” Justin replied confused. “Oh” Jesse said shocked “it seems like you are with Justin holding your hand and him hugging you and him having his arm around you all the time.” “Oh, nope we aren’t just friends Justin would be a good boyfriend though” I stated laughing. “So do you have a boyfriend Kryta?” he asked “nope” I sighed “people sure do like that question.” Then Justin and Jesse at the same time said “Man you are cool!” I laughed and asked why, and then at the same time again they said “most fans would be like freaking out right now because we are asking if you are single.” “Yea well I would rather you think I am cool than a freak and I would rather enjoy the time with you then act like a freaking idiot.” Then they just busted out laughing then Jesse asked “can I have your number?” “Yea totally” I said and then gave it to him and he gave me his. Then we went to a Broadway show and they had me sit in the middle I was still in utter shock that this was happening. I was half expecting to wake up and be in a dream, but I never woke up.

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