Just Another Love Story

When I went to my first concert I was so excited, but I didn’t realize the huge effect it would have on my life. It was a Justin Bieber concert and I had back stage passes I was so excited, I had gotten them as a Christmas present and I couldn’t wait to go, but I had a few months to wait.


2. Chapter 2

I was totally freaking out my mom eagerly asked “what does it say?” “SHH” I blurted out and read it to myself it said, “Hey beautiful! Did you like the concert ok?” I replied and said “of course! It was an amazing concert and considering that I got Justin Bieber’s number it was the best!” I impatiently waited my phone went off again, I grabbed as fast as I could. The text read “I am so happy that you enjoyed it, I would love to get to know you better, you seem so sweet. Do you want to chill tomorrow?” “Are you serious” “yes” “of course I want to what time?” I sent it and I was so excited I got my cool together and asked “mom can hang with someone tomorrow?” “Well who is it?” I replied “just the most amazing person on the planet... duh” “witch is” “Justin Bieber” “ok?” “So, I can then?” “yes, but don’t get too excited because you aren’t really hanging out with him” I said “No” as I pulled out  my phone “look it really is him” “OH MY GOSH! Wow since it really is him then yea I guess that you can” “Thanks” I said skipping to my room. I checked my phone again I had a message from him “well I have a rehearsal at like 6ish, but then after that I am free all day. If you want to you can come to that with me, but it’s cool if you don’t want to” I replied “no I would love to go to your rehearsal. But how will I get there” “I can pick you up then after rehearsal we can just ditch Scooter and those guys and it will be just you and me” “ok :P sounds great!!! Do you need my address???” I asked. Then I had another message “yea” “ok it’s 1256 Joseph street” “haha your funny, but seriously” Justin said. Then I replied “Ummm that is my address.” “oh I thought you were kidding because that is the hospital and time I was born (:” “oh haha that always sounded familiar but I never put it together” “yea” he said “I am gonna head to bed since I have to get up so early, you should too” “Ok” I typed “night” “night” he said.

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