Shooting Star ~ Liam Payne ~

A dare. A simple dare to wish for something that could change so much. If you were dared to wish on the next shooting star, would you go through with it? Would you be so brave enough to wish that One Direction never happened?


2. First Wish

I skipped steps as I ran up the library staircase. Things were definitely off today. I went to the computers and quickly sat down. Gulping, I typed in "google" and started my research - One Direction. The name showed an American band, the song One Way or Another, but none of the results were of a British-Irish band. 


The next thing I did was search for their auditions on Youtube. I quickly typed in the name of the band and frowned, the only results were songs like "Maybe if I Called", "Don't Walk Away", and some weird songs that I'm pretty sure never existed before. Going to the XFactorUK channel, I skimmed through the auditions and found Niall's audition. So that obviously means the boys exist, they just aren't famous.


As I played through all their auditions I realized what was going on. My stupid idiotic wish came true and this band never happened. Niall never made it through because Katy thought he wasn't ready. Harry left during bootcamp along with Louis. Liam didn't audition in 2010, instead he came back and auditioned in 2011, but didn't get very far. Zayn, however, didn't even audition. No one on youtube had seen his audition on any show and apparently he never even stepped foot on the stage. 


"Louise, darling! You usually never go on the computer, is it for a new project?" I looked up to see an unfamiliar face, who was probably the librarian. "Uh, no. I was just curious about something so I wanted to look it up. Sorry, I'll leave."


"No, no, no. You're fine you can stay, sweetheart." I shook my head and exited out of the browser, "I'll just be going now."




-3rd Person-


Things were definitely becoming clear to Louise as she soon realized that One Direction, indeed, doesn't exist. Liam came back after 3 years instead of two, Zayn let his nerves get the best of him, Niall wasn't quite ready, Harry and Louis never met in the toilet - or maybe they did - and no one got through. All of them were probably back in their homes feeling bad that they didn't have what it took to become "the next big thing." 


However, little did Louise know, in the heart of Miami a 19 year old boy was stepping off a plane. His hair was shorter than when it was two years ago, but he was still a very attractive man. This boy's name was Liam Payne. He had come to the US to relax for the summer, and was hoping it would be a very relaxing summer.


Over the past two years he had been in Uni, he had been studying and testing on Music Technology. Liam had never joined the Olympic team for track, although his running skills were as good as ever. He was going into his third year of Uni pretty soon, and many of his friends had said that the third year is one of the hardest. Apparently it's because you know you only have the next year and you've already done two, so that year is kind of just 'there'.


Liam called a cab over and handed the driver his bag before taking a seat in the passenger seat. For a second he found himself confused as to why the driver's seat was on the wrong side, but soon remembered he wasn't in the UK at the moment. 


The drive to his hotel was a fairly short drive from the airport, maybe around 10 minutes or a bit more than that. Hotel Walding wasn't exactly the largest hotel you can find, but it was definitely a nice hotel. 


"Payne, Liam Payne." The person behind the desk typed in Liam's name and only a few seconds later had him take his key. "I hope you have a nice stay here at Hotel Walding, sir."


The woman was obviously quite awestruck by the boy, no one could blame her though, Mr. Payne was an attractive young lad. As he made his way up to his room, he received a few glances by the ladies that passed by. 'Is there something on my face?'




"Lou!" Louise looked up, startled at someone calling her name. She was currently sitting on a bench on one of the many boardwalks in Miami, so it was a bit surprising that out of all the places someone knew her here. 


"Louise, what are you doing here? You never come to the boardwalk." A girl with red hair and pearly white teeth spoke as she stood in front of a very confused Louise. She never went the boardwalk? That's absurd she comes here almost everyday, then she remembered if her friends changed that means Louise was probably a completely other person as well.


"I thought it would be nice to get some fresh air, with all the studying and all." She mumbled, not trusting her voice at the moment. Louise had had just about enough of this shooting star nonsense. She wanted the boys back, her friends back - her real friends - and she wanted her life back. She didn't like the fact that she would have to call her cat CeCe instead of Sassy, she didn't like how she didn't go to boardwalks after classes, and she hated the fact that her tumblr and twitter were themed with weird shit bands that never existed before.


"Well, do you want me to join you? I mean, we're both two nerds who can't seem to stay out of books." Louise shook her head; she didn't want company. 


"I'd rather be alone, thank you."


"Alright, suit yourself." The red head turned to the right and walked away towards the other end of the boardwalk. Was this Louise's life now? Was she going to have to pretend to be that nerd that people made fun of? Would she have to live with the guilt of One Direction never making it through and fulfilling their dreams? Why did she even wish on that stupid star?


Why couldn't she have just passed up on the dare that had obviously caused a lot of problems for her and probably the five boys who aren't even famous in this universe?

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