1D vs. Cody Book 1 in the series: A storm is brewing

1D Vs. Cody Book one In The Series: A Storm Is Brewing!
(onley if you want a series!)

This story is about stuff that i am writing about.
If you want to know more stuff that i am wroting
about in this book, other than the fact that its stuff
that im writing about in the book, READ IT!!!!!!!!


2. At 1D Headquarters

"We have a THREAT! You hear me boys a THREAT! The Fans Actualy like this, this, Garbage!" Simon Growles at them. "We are lossing veiws on youtube,  We have no more sold out concerts, and most importantly, we have our fans listining to NO NEW SONGS because you cant come up with anything decent Compared to HIM!" He Roars in furry. "this is more of a meeting you have before a war, not pep talk for our concert." Louis muttered under his breath, But Simon still heard him. "This is no 'pep talk!' this is a war! now to call the agents. "You mean Erin and her friends we have never met before? sounds like a great plan!" Says Harry Sarcasticly, But Simon wasent having it. "we can sneak them into one of codys concerts,and get info of what he has that we don't!" "Ya, but they might DIE before they come back!" Harry said worryingly. " It Made my ears Bleed!" Said Liam "but THEY are girls so th-" Simon started, but before he could finish, we (the AMAZING agents), bust in to the room, Begging not to make us go. "See, even THEY dont want in! " Harry Said gloomy-like, as if he was finaly agreeing, I said "We will if we get Ear-Plugs-" "REALY STRONG ear plugs" Kathy interupted. "We might faint anyways."  Erin said. Than I said "We need special training for this" "no time, here are your tickets and FAKE V.I.P pass'es. the show starts at 6. the ear plugs are in the back of the limooozzine, and 2 body-guards to be ready to escape when u sabatoge the concert and steal the secret. better hurry, its 5:30."Simon says like he planed it for ages.

"Bu- never mind what dose the secret look like?" I says, because nobody has time to argue when your job is on the line. Simon sayed "Its labeled 'MY SECRET TO SECSESS!' And Yes, he is that bad a speller." Then ewwwweeeeeennnnnnnn sayed "than you spell success" everyone oooooowwwwwwed, cause it sounded like a challenge, he sayed, "uh, easy! Uh, s-e-c-s-e oh it decent matter!" he sayed as everyone laughed at him, he started talking to Erin and begot he said a word, she said "s-u-c-c-e-s-s" and simon's jaw hit the floor, (no joke, he fell on his Jaw!) and the boy's started laughing again, as we left to our limousine to almost certain death, and most certain torture.

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