Big Brother

This story is about how a Big Brother found his little sister after 13 years and wants to protect her because her dad wants her back and he doesnt have alot of time to spend with her since he is always busy with work !!


8. When Liam and the boys saw me and Harry

Once we arrived at the factory i could her Liam's voice and he didn't sound very happy.As Liam handed Max the money and then handed him Harry but not me because he wanted to do something.Once Liam saod about be his mates grabed me and then took me to him.He took the bag off my head then in frout of Harry kissed me i still had tears in my eyes as soon as he let go off me i ran to Harry and Liam still crying.Liam wanted Louis and Harry to take me somewhere safe so i wouldn't see what he was about to do.As i left the building holding Harry's hand tight i heard a gun shot Louis ran back inside but Harry wouldn't let go of me.Harry rang the police and an ambulance and the paramedics ran inside with the police,one of the paramedics stayed to cheak me and Harry out to make sure we were fine.When i saw the other two came out Liam was on the streacher once they were outside i was told that i wasn't aloud in the ambulance with him.Harry and the boys were trying me calm because i was crying really hard.As the police was walking out they had 3 people with them once i saw them i ran over i started to hit Jay while crying Harry picked me up and placed me in the car.

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