Big Brother

This story is about how a Big Brother found his little sister after 13 years and wants to protect her because her dad wants her back and he doesnt have alot of time to spend with her since he is always busy with work !!


11. The big day

It's our big day and i cannot believe i haven't seen Harry in 2 days.I know what your thinking it's 1 nite but Harry was in New York for a day.I have about an hour to get ready!!

*AT THE CHURCH* As i walked down the isal i could hear Harry saying to Liam, the best man,, What if Taylor or Max come charging in and hurt her ! Liam replied 'They wont and if they do i will call the police' as i reached the end Harry wanted to go straight to the vows so we did as we said our vows Liam was watching the doors.The vicor 'if there is anyone who ejects for these 2 people to become man and wife please speak now'

*scilents* vicor'i now pronoce you man and wife!!

After that Zayn and Perrie got married and we all lived happily ever after

Hope you enjoyed this book even know it took me from the 21st August to write it   Also there might not be another book for a while because it my birthday soon

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