Big Brother

This story is about how a Big Brother found his little sister after 13 years and wants to protect her because her dad wants her back and he doesnt have alot of time to spend with her since he is always busy with work !!


2. Strange people

It's Friday an tomorrow is my 14th birthday so i can't wait because i am meant to be going to a concert with a careworker. I don't know who's concert but i like to find out when i get there.My dad asked if he could take me up town to go to my favourite shop which is The One Direction shop it town centre.My dad spent £300 on me because he had some sad news which was, that he was going back inside !! I was upset so when i got back i ran to my room without say bye.About 3 hours after i got back i got called down to find 5 adults standing with the careworkers.What i found out was that the 5 adults were  One Direction.When i walked into the office Liam Payne followed i was told that he was my brother and i didn't beleive it at first becase we look nothing alike. I was told that i was allowed to go stay with him and so i did becase if he was my brother and that we would have things in common. What i didn't get told was that i wasn't coming back which meant i had to living with Liam and the boys !!! When i wanted to say bye to my dad Liam wouldnt let and he wouldnt tell me why. As i was still new to the whole idea of living with them for the rest of my life i got to know Harry and Louis really well.

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