Big Brother

This story is about how a Big Brother found his little sister after 13 years and wants to protect her because her dad wants her back and he doesnt have alot of time to spend with her since he is always busy with work !!


4. Life on the road

Once Harry and Paul finished there meeting i thought it woild be a good idea for me and all the boys to go out for lunch.Paul said that we had to come straight back to the studio and get ready for the TMH tour.The boys was looking forward to it. The strange thing is Liam didnt want to be in the same room as Harry because of what happened 3 days ago.Once we got back the bags were already on the bus and ready to go the only problem was Liam was in a strop and wouldnt get on the bus.I told him what had happened that day and it made him happier but he still didnt want to be in the same room as him but he did get on the bus.It was about 9:30pm and everyone was asleep apart from me and Harry, we was listening to radio1 and What makes you beautiful came on and Harry started singing to me i started to blush.Liam couldnt sleep so he came into the living room area on the bus and he walked into Harry singing What makes you beautiful he acted normal but you could tell he wasnt very happy. The next day Liam was up early and was making everyone breakfast.Me,Harry and Niall went out to a swimming pool in Cornwall Niall saw a girl went over and he spend the whole day with her and left me and Harry alone.Harry wanted to leave after an hour because he was hungry and cold so me and him got changed and went back to the hotel nobody was there so we were board and after a while i went to a coffee shop down the road when i got back Harry was hiding and he sneaked behind me grabed my arm and kissed me !!

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