Big Brother

This story is about how a Big Brother found his little sister after 13 years and wants to protect her because her dad wants her back and he doesnt have alot of time to spend with her since he is always busy with work !!


5. After the kiss

After Harry kissed me we didn't speak for at least an hour.Once everyone was back, Liam was on the phone to his girlfriend for at least 5 hours dont ask why.Niall,Louis and Zayn could feel the vibes coming off me and Harry it was really akward for them.It's now about 12:30 in the morning and i couldn't sleep so i went to get a cuppa.I sat on the sofa and turned the tv on and watch whatever was on, after about an hour later Liam and Niall cam out and sat with me.It was like i was a suspect in a murder because they kept asking me a lot of questions.I didn't want to tell him about the kiss but some who he found out about it.

It's 9:30am and i was hanging with some old friends from school and they wanted to meet the boys because they are huge fans.Once i told them about the kiss they were really jel because they both loved Harry and told me to go for it.When i got back i asked Paul if i can get a few back stage passes for the girls and i did when i told them they wouldn't stop screaming !!

10pm the concert has just started and Harry said that he had somthing important a to ask me after. As the concert went on he kept looking at me when he wasn't singing.After the concert Harry was about to say something when Paul introduced about 6 screaming girls and they wanted pics with them..

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