A Long Distance Love Story

This story is about a girl called Amelia and a boy called Drew.
They fell in love in September 2012 and have been friends since August 20th 2013 when everything changed at 01:33 am Amelia's time :)


4. When Things Finally Change For Them.

Drew finally proved to Amelia how much he missed her and wanted her back it was killing her she thought he was lying but then he asked her to give him one last chance. She told him she'd think about it all.


For 2 months after she'd been thinking she didn't know what to say to him she wanted to say yes but she had the feeling he'd leave again and she didn't want to be crushed the way she was she wouldn't survive the whole pain of him leaving... on August 4th 2013 she got back with him and she thought it would start fresh and this time it would be easier to be with each other.


She knew that being with Drew was gonna crush alot of things she tried to build but she didn't care she was blinded all she could see was him wherever she looked it was him... He was the love of her life she believes it now and I'm sure she always will she was a bright girl... when he broke up with her she'd go to school and come home and ignore the world she wouldn't say hi to anyone. 


But now, they're happy together and she says hi when she comes home from school and she takes care of herself and tries to stay as happy as possible to make herself feel good. Yea she finds it hard to be her sometimes because she has those sad broken days. but  he seems to be making things better for her. 

But little did she know there was gonna be a little surprise coming along out of Amelia and Drew being together on Roleplay.

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