A Long Distance Love Story

This story is about a girl called Amelia and a boy called Drew.
They fell in love in September 2012 and have been friends since August 20th 2013 when everything changed at 01:33 am Amelia's time :)


2. The Last Break Up On Roleplay..

Their last break up was on February 14th 2013... Yes on Valentines Day he broke her heart but she couldn't let go like he did he left for her sister in roleplay and she felt like dying. She blamed herself for him leaving and made herself feel bad she found it hard to talk to people she pushed them away because of the feelings she had for him.


He blocked her and she tried moving on which then broke his heart, the guy she was with tried to pick up the broken pieces but they were to sharp to touch. He broke alot more than what he expected to He found it hard to talk to her he couldn't add her back she couldn't find him anywhere... He sounds like a Jerk... She couldn't face his friends telling her how happy he was so she tried to leave but she found it hard. The memories they made together on there. They weren't gonna go that easily were they? or would they?


She cried her self to sleep for days she couldn't stay asleep for longer than 5 minutes before he crashed into her dreams and woke her up making her cry harder and fall to the floor. she'd listen to his voice notes of him telling her he'd never leave and he'd always be there. He lied she knows that now she had been broken for nearly 4 months now and she didn't know what to do she was dying she just wanted to leave the world and tell it to suck it and live with it but there was something inside her telling her he was still here and that he still wants her. She thought she'd never know if it was telling her right or wrong because what she could see when he added her back he looked happy.

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