always in my heart

Hi my name is Catherine Smith, a few years ago when I was 14 I went to live with an Irish family. because my parents always wanted me to learn all that culture and to study in Ireland , but i never imagined , I would end up living with the family of my idol ....


1. Me

It was a sunny day, I was living in Spain, Barcelona, ​​with my mom morgan, my dad Michael and my sisters, sol, and Ariel charoline
 Sol is bigger than me , she is 17, and will go to college in New York in September,  charoline is 14 like me and that's because we are twins, identical and Ariel is the Smallest , she is 5 years old and is very sweet and funny, my sister twin and i , we are going  to study to another country , we speak Spanish because my mom is from mexico and English because my dad is from England, but as we live in Spain is more dificult to learn english for us

I'll tell you a little about my family, we live in a luxurious and modern place here in Barcelona, ​​my dad is a doctor and my mom a model, my older sister sol, will study fashion design in New York my sister twin and I , we are going to go to different countries I go to Ireland Mullingar and she is going to dallas Texas

we are going to live with different families, for a year, a long year Anyway my parents are going to be alone with Ariel, I guess it will be less pressure for them 

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