Heavenly Hell

When Corey wakes up in a strange room, she knows something is up. She soon finds out she is in heaven, where shes not meant to be - since she didn't die yet! When the Mighty One finds out, she realizes they got the wrong Corey Millard, and so they decide to send Corey down back to Earth so the girls can swap places.


7. Chapter 7

I went to school the next day and everything was normal. I went to Corey's locker and waited for her by the locker door. I saw Matt and said, "Back off!" he came quickly and said, "I really do like you Corey. I am sorry but I don't have a choice. I have to capture you. But not now. Be careful though." And with that, he walked away. I was dumbfounded. I smiled a bit but regained myself when I saw Corey coming. 

When Corey arrived, I told her the details quickly.

"Ok so basically you have to act like you will turn yourself in with me. In heaven, we can escape quickly after they put me in the system. Deal?"

"Ok but I hope this works." said Corey, sulking.

I contacted The Mighty One through my mind. "She's ready" I thought. In the blink of the eye I was teleported back to the room. Corey lay asleep next to me. The Mighty One walked in and said, "Well well it seems like you managed to survive after all. Good job. Let's go and put you two through the system."

I followed her and Corey floated behind me. It was kind of creepy but I just ignored her. I realized that they were going to put Corey through the system before me. She woke up, and right before she entered the system - it was a room where God knows what happens - I grabbed her hand and fled. I concentrated on the Earth, and found us teleported there. I ran into the school, but was met by Matt and the wanderers. From there, everything was a blur. I saw Corey as she was captured by Julian, and Matt dragged me by my arms across the floor. I looked up and saw 5 smirking faces, and one sad face. The sad face looked down at me with his dazzling green eyes. There were tears streaming down my face. I knew this was it. I was going to be one of them now. And I had no choice at all. His brown hair bounced as he let go of me, put me on the floor, leaned down, and bit my neck.

Then everything went black. 

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