Isn't There More

Life in a comunity can be hard when it's underground, when you're paralysed, When you can only see a girl watch you, watching every expression on your face. When her new intern accidently mixes up the chemicals I am able to walk again and am able to show everyone else that there is so much to see if we could only reach it.


3. The Inturn

The door to my room swung open and Jennifer walked in, her blonde hair pulled in a tight bun and her blue eyes glimering, she was holding a small box and had writen Human 3 on it. She put it on my bedside table and plugged it in next to the lamp. She picked up two wires, one end attatched to the box, one end had a small, white disk on it. Jennifer stuck one disk on one side of my forehead and one disk on the other and walked over to the shelves, she got a spare tube from the top shelf and placed it into a spare hole on the test tube holder. The main doors suddenly opened and a girl walked in, as she did she tightened her ponytail and put her bag down next to Jennifer's. Jennifer walked out the room and greeted the girl not bothering to close the door. "You must be the inturn, Liz" she said, Liz nodded and Jennifer gave her a quick tour of her office and all of our room's.

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