Isn't There More

Life in a comunity can be hard when it's underground, when you're paralysed, When you can only see a girl watch you, watching every expression on your face. When her new intern accidently mixes up the chemicals I am able to walk again and am able to show everyone else that there is so much to see if we could only reach it.


8. A New Life

I ran straight to Central Park and slowed down a bit and started to walk through. The first bin I came across I chucked the file in the bin and decided I would start a whloe new life. I would keep the name Ellie and I would forget the name Maddie and I would forget that I was stuck in a room for three years because someone had made a mistake. I knew I would never be able to completely forget what I'd been through but that wasn't going to stop me trying. I kept walking for an hour and I didn't forget about the others I just couldn't go back, I needed some time alone. I wondered through Central Park and sat on a bench and closed my eyes and thought the person and the life I've wanted for so long and suddenly I had it all, all I've dreamed for the past three years was in my grasp all I had to do is reach for it and that was exactly what I was going to do.

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