Before I Go Mad

Lol I had to get into a certain sad type emotion to do this in the point of view of just before the mad goes mad :) Also guess correctly if you can who stars in this, as a hint its about six.


1. That Night of Reckoning

In the dark of the night

One place never sleeps

The party keeps going

A full house of wild nature 

The monsters rule the night

Just one long nightmare

A room of bleeding hearts

Devouring the beat of the music

Bloody roses falling down cheeks

A girl dances seductive in a crowd

One wicked thorn of the garden

Letting out a beautiful destruction

Vines tearing down these walls

Crushing the floors as she twirls

Lights exploding into darkness

A loner hidden sits watching

Concealing his killer fate

Nothing but a shadow of himself

For a true beast within time

A sick boy walking down

In his hallways of denial

Another haunted by his true colors

Just his sight breaking mirrors

The horror of an burning flesh

There in a state of paranoia

In a trance between reality and fantasy

One finds comfort and solitude

Letting the crowd fall into a slumber

Deeply wounded by shattered glass

A clashing of corpses everywhere

Loosing minds in intense pleasure

Lust meeting wrath between floors

Making  one bloody force of nature

On a bed with longing and despair

Letting her tears fall in sorrow

With heavy eyes bleeding black

As the ceiling crumble of vines

A boy frozen in guilt and pain

Starring hard at the window in shame

As a white angel soaks in the rain 

Starring back in complete heart ache

Fading into a icy fog of imprisonment

Dying inside onto his knees

His heart turning cold as death

With a sudden lost of breath

The girl on the bed panics in tears

An overwhelming sensation

In a hollow twisted room

A person lies deep in water

A coffin of an sleeping corpse

The drop of a blood from a vine

He awakens like an emotionless trance

The sudden cry of a girl voice

The boy began to crack a grin

With a quick swing of the arm

A knife stabs the flutter of a passing bat

Sinking into his pool of madness

Arkham is born in the somber night.

With an red bath tub overflowing

To the floor of a once locked up room

To a trail of bloody foot prints

Among many bones that once had flesh

During the night of many temptations

A strange chill of a laughter in the wind appears

Running down the spine of Gotham in terror.

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