The Poetry Dropbox Of A Wallflower

po·et·ry [poh-i-tree] noun 1. The art of rhythmical composition, written or spoken, for exciting pleasure by beautiful, imaginative, or elevated thoughts.

Here's a collection of my poetry. They're quite personal, and they all have a moral that is often hidden. So if you don't understand them please just ask in the comments :)



6. Not perfect at all

I built my walls so high,

That nobody could climb.

Afraid to get too close,

Until the right time.


I'd opened up before,

But society took control.

Without any warning,

They picked at my soul.


My heart was an open book,

But they tore out the pages.

Taking my smile,

In small little stages.


Now I keep distance,

Approach with great care.

And yet they still wonder,

What caused this despair.


Did they think it was funny?

Do they still think that now?

Do they regret their words..?

Or still question how?


Do you now understand,

What caused my walls to fall?

I never was perfect,

Not perfect at all.

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