The Poetry Dropbox Of A Wallflower

po·et·ry [poh-i-tree] noun 1. The art of rhythmical composition, written or spoken, for exciting pleasure by beautiful, imaginative, or elevated thoughts.

Here's a collection of my poetry. They're quite personal, and they all have a moral that is often hidden. So if you don't understand them please just ask in the comments :)



5. I care

Put down your rope,

And drop that lighter.

Stay strong for me,

Little fighter.


Close the bottle,

Throw away your razors. 

These little things,

Will not be your saviors. 


Your arm is not a canvas,

Your blood is not paint.

Thought it seems that the devil,

Is your new patron saint.


Stop hiding your cuts,

With a long sleeve sweater.

I know you'll have heard this, 

But life does get better!


Don't harm yourself!

I'm here for you now!

Your beautiful darling,

Though you don't know how. 

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