The Poetry Dropbox Of A Wallflower

po·et·ry [poh-i-tree] noun 1. The art of rhythmical composition, written or spoken, for exciting pleasure by beautiful, imaginative, or elevated thoughts.

Here's a collection of my poetry. They're quite personal, and they all have a moral that is often hidden. So if you don't understand them please just ask in the comments :)



3. Cassette

I'm pouring out my heart,

But I'm afraid that its mis-shapen. 

I can't keep this inside me,

For I fear the pain will deepen. 


Why must I remember,

What I long to forget?

The visions keep replaying,

Like a dead, broken cassette. 


Theres a war inside me,

My mind plays the field.

Imagination is my the weapon,

Will you be my shield..?


I'm reliving the agony,

That I once endured.

The pain has come alive,

When I was sure that I was cured. 


The losses have come back,

The attacks have returned.

And now I'm in tears, 

My self control has burned. 



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